My Graduation Story

Hello Guys!!2016 has been quite the year for me.Amazing would be an understatement in as far as describing everything I've been through is concerned.So amazing was the year that I even ended up on the front page of The Daily Nation which is huge as it's a renowned one lol. So as the year swiftly draws to a close I feel like it's paramount that I share this very important piece of my life on my blog.
So earlier in the year I was a bundle of nerves in as far as my project was concerned.It's not easy having to do a senior project when you know you have to start with another proposal having changed your topic of choice just four months to the exams.Everyone else was ahead of me and to make matters worse, my supervisor would often operate from Nairobi, that's five hours away, only showing up at campus twice or three times a month.This while everyone else could see their supervisor at their own discretion any day, everyday.That alongside other stresses made my work super hectic but what can I say,God is faithful.Somehow,I managed to do both the proposal and project and I put forth quite the defense for it during the presentation day.I later sat for the exams without a hitch and comfortably went home to finally relax.
Months later when we received the notification that our results were out, I quickly made my way to what was my school atleast to ensure that I would be able to graduate without a hitch.How?By making sure I had no missing marks.I never had any in the previous years but it's always good to check and what did I find out while I was there?This girl got a First Class Honors.Despite all the challenges I faced in my forth year I managed to perform exeptionally well.Got the best marks ever in my entire campus life.
On graduation day,my seat was first with my name fully on it.How great it was to see my family seated right on the front row directly opposite me so ready to cheer the moment my name would be called.Well, my name was called first and in full.All the three names and I stood with so much pride to receive the power to read lol.
As if it wasn't enough,next day I was woken up by calls form random friends .My parents received such calls.Everyone was congratulating me not only for graduating but also because on the front page of one of the most read newspapers in the country was a picture of me smiling so broadly, holding my beloved camera and seemingly savoring the sweet taste of success.I don't know about you but to me,a front page appearance is a big big deal and I will never throw away that newspaper.
A month later, I had the most amazing party thrown just for me by my parents and I gave myself a personal reward of traveling to Uganda to have some fun and visit some friends.About three weeks after my return, I managed to land a great job at a hospital and I'm currently enjoying the fruits of my hard work.I didn't have to tarmac which is something several people are facing and it's a blessing that I was spared from it.
All I can say is many thanks to my family.They've been there every step of the way ,especially my dad.Thanks to my classmates and friends and to everyone who believed in me.
Most of all, a big Thank You to my God Almighty as through Him and only Him, I was able to achieve all these.Thank You 2016.You have been oh so good to me.It's been real!See you next year.
HAPPY 2017.
Ephesians 3:20

The Family

The Classmates

The Party


  1. Awww amazing story. Congratulations!

    Have a lovely new year!!

    xx Girl in the Bunny Ears

  2. Congratulations on your graduation Sophie! All the best.

    Gemma x

  3. Congratulation Sophie and Happy 2017!

  4. Contratulations hun!!! This is definitely a great goal you achieved!
    Beautiful pics as well!
    wish you an amazing new year, sweetie!

  5. It's so great to see photos from your graduation because I remember reading along when you were still in school and now you have full time job, which is awesome! I wish you the absolute best in 2017, may everything you set out to accomplish be a success, Happy New Year, girlie!



  6. That's so amazing! Congrats girl! I hope 2017 is even better for you and keep on rocking!


    Tamara -

  7. Congratulations on graduating girlie, you will have a bright future!

    My Vogue Style |

  8. Wow congrats SOphie! You look absolutely AMAZING. SO PROUD OF YOU!
    Thanks for sharing!
    HAPPY NEW YEARRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Much love, Len

  9. Congratulations, what an achievement! Happy New Year doll, here's to another amazing year! xx

  10. Congratulations! How wonderful and exciting!


  11. Congratulation Sophie :)