Crochet Swimsuit And Other Swimwear

Hello guys!!
Whether you are craving a yellow bathing suit or a swimsuit white in color or pretty much just something bright then you might want to check out Zaful once again.So I have done a post on darker swimsuits before but today I just wanted to show stuff that's for that girl somewhere who really just loves to look nice and bright.Oh yeahNow it may look a little funny that I just did a post on leather with some faux fur, something seemingly for colder temperatures and suddenly I'm doing something for summer but there's a reason for that.I'm actually considering the fact that my readers are from different parts of this big world God put us in and the seasons are different.Besides, for some reason the rain over here just disappeared.The sun has been back up nice and warm for the better part of this week and we couldn't be happier.So if swimming is something you like to do and you live where I do then this post is also for you.
So I really just like this variety of swimsuits.The army greens are great if you like something darker for example without necessarily having to go for black or navy, while the brighter ones come in beautiful shades such as yellow, white and even more eye catching ones such as the  red low waisted spaghetti strap bikini set down below.It's actually the very last picture.That red two piece is really striking.You can also get swimsuits with all kinds of pretty summery prints for example florals at Zaful.So these are just a few among the ones up on their site.You can click on the links below each picture to check the availability and probably get yourself one or two among other recommendations.
Happy Shopping!
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  1. OMG..I am loving em' all esp the first one. Beach vibes on.

  2. I can't believe Bikini season is here. You have a fabulous selection. I love the bold vibrant colors as well and I am really loving the floral designs this season. Thank you for sharing.


  3. These swimsuits are so chic! Dying over that first crochet one. Wish I had the bod for it. Great choices Sophie!

  4. The yellow swimsuit is my ultimate fave!

  5. I love the yellow one!


  6. You've shared some really cute pieces here, girlie! I especially love the crochet set, as well as the cute pineapple one! Thanks for sharing and I hope you have a great weekend ahead!



  7. That crotchet swimsuit and yellow bathing suit gives me life! <3