GUEST POST:Eco-Friendly Wedding Dresses

Where Can I Get Eco-Friendly Wedding Dresses:
Finding a perfect wedding gown is not that easy and it even gets more difficult if you’re looking for an eco-friendly wedding dress. Though the search gets even more complicated, I still wouldn’t mind going through all the trouble because this is my way of helping mother earth. And aside from that, I need to have this type of dress because my groom and I have already agreed on an eco-friendly forest themed wedding.
I’ve had no luck searching for the right eco-dress on the bridal shops I’ve visited so I decided to do an online search instead and to my surprise, there was a bunch of websites offering these kinds of gowns and it gets even better because some of them are worth half the normal price! I immediately poured on a cup of coffee and patiently searched for that perfect eco-friendly wedding gown.

At last, I have found these 3 lovely dresses and I bet they all are eco-friendly:
This dress would surely look stunning on me. Notice how the embroidery was made to look like tree branches? I’d definitely go for this eco-wedding dress on my big day.

But wait, I also have an eye for this magnificent gown. The Green Guide wedding dresses are all quality made and this dress instantly caught my attention.

I also saw this dress online and found it very elegant. I heard that lace wedding dresses and mermaid wedding dresses are fashionable for this year so I picked this earthen colored bridal gown to go well with my wedding theme.

Which of these gowns will be the perfect wedding dress for my eco-friendly wedding? What do you think?


  1. What stunning dresses! xx

  2. These are fab dresses!


  3. These dresses are so beautiful! I love the overall designs and the intricate details, all so elegant. Thanks for sharing and I hope you have a wonderful week ahead!



  4. Dreaming again! Wonderful dresses!

  5. Oh my! All these dresses look so wonderful! Wishing you a lovely day! xx


  6. These wedding dresses are amazing!! Xx Susanne -

  7. These are really pretty!