StyleWe and Justfashionnow

Hey guys!!
I am back with another StyleWe  post .Now if you've been following my site for a while (thanks:-) and keep sharing) you know that this is one of my favorite sites to cruise through and as a result I have written so much about it in a number of previous posts.Thing is they have a great display of clothes and accessories up on the site it's hard not to keep looking through.A good reason why you should visit the site.
So other than this you could always also visit Justfashionnow for more dresses you are sure to love especially the white formal dresses.I'd never really heard of this second one up until recently but I'm always happy to learn of new ones. As it is , blogging has made me a slave to online shopping. My work is so easy this way. I always just have to sit infront of a computer or my phone and choose what I like.Love it.
Thanks guys for stopping by


  1. Such gorgeous picks doll, great post xx

  2. Amazing picks for the summer!

    My Vogue Style |

  3. These outfits are perfect for summers, I love all the dresses:)

  4. Perfect picks, these photos are so stunning!

  5. Wow that red dress!! Gemma x

  6. I love everyhting dear!

  7. Me encanta la selección que has realizado, el vestido rojo me tiene enamorada.

    Te dejo mi último post, look para ir a trabajar en verano

  8. JustFashionNow es una estafa. Son de China y no tiene nada que ver lo que envían con lo que publican, mala calidad productos equivocados... se las ingenian para que no tengas la dirección de devolución y al final pierdes el dinero. Un robo!