See Through White Dresses At Zaful

Hey guys!!Random weekend post.
I am having quite the day at work.I won't be here till Friday next week.There's a holiday on Monday , yaaaay!!! This means I'll be able to travel to Nairobi tomorrow and have a prolonged stay and just re-energize myself because I feel like I haven't had a break since I started working in November.So I've been looking at some clothes online and it's interesting that because of the many pieces I got from Zaful I keep finding  myself looking there for stuff.
Zaful has a range of see through white dresses that you might want to check out perfect for warm summery weather or let me just say a nice day out on the beach or at the coast.Funny how Kenyans are almost all headed to the coast because of this SGR thing.Well if you love Mombasa and online shopping then these are just for you.Like I said in many other previous posts, Zaful has a wide range of clothes that I can honestly testify for.They are great and so true to their sizes.Great fabric and uniqueness.I in particular love these white ones because white always looks so nice and clean not to mention great in sunny weather and see through pieces just always seem to look sexier as long as they are tastefully made such that only the right parts can be seen.So head over to their site and get yourself a nice white dress.


  1. I love the second one!


  2. Cute dress selection!!

  3. I love the beautiful see-through white dress, Sophie. Hope you had a great weekend and enjoy your Monday off, sweetie. Are your celebrating the end of Ramadan in Nairobi as well?

  4. These dresses are amazing, I love how they are a great fit for summer!

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  5. These white dresses are AMAZING! So in my style!
    With love,

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