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I currently have a weave on my head but I realized I tend to revolve around the same kinds of weaves which comprises of around 3 or 4 types because in as much as I love them for protecting my hair when I'm tired of leaving it open for long, I feel like most of them do not match my preference in terms of texture.I have natural hair. 4c hair actually.I do not intend to relax it anytime soon yet I do not like having it fully covered by weaves because I feel like sometimes something just goes wrong at the front.So I leave the front open.Anyway it is very important to get extensions that just suit you.

I heard of a new website that has a wide range of hair extensions of quite the variety and the lovely pictures up on the site show exactly that.They have Brazailian hair which I find so beautiful.I would actually even consider putting the super curly ones on my head despite the fact that I am not exactly the biggest fan of very curly extensions because these ones are pretty.
I also love the body wave hair .I love a full head of hair. The fact that this particular type gives an illusion strong, very healthy hair is a plus.I actually really love waves.
The Malaysian curly hair they have looks so nice, soft and shiny.By the way for the body wave hair there is also the Brazilian body wave and the Brazilian deep wave.
Anyway, I'm just trying to say that this Beauty Forever site gives a wide range of weaves especially if you are the choosy type because it's good to have many great options.That way you are sure you will atleast get something perfect for yourself.All I know is that one should be able to wear their hair like a crown.Proudly.
Then the other problem I often see with weaves is with how long they can stay looking nice .Some weaves have a tendency of looking so old and can barely be combed after one or two weeks and lose their shine too fast.I really hate it when hair starts looking old after a very short time after spending quite the amount of money on both the weave and the process of having it fixed on your head.These ones are easy to maintain and with how soft they look , they shouldn't give one much of a problem in terms of maintenance.
So ladies, this is one more site for you to check out.Have you ever bought any extensions from Beauty Forever?


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  2. I love your extensions!
    Have a happy Sunday.



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