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Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Lace Closure Sew In

Every morning, what is the most important thing for you when you are ready to go out? Your dress? Your wallet, your glasses or your breakfast? No, no, no! Neither all of them. It is your hair! It is your hairstyle, which will conquer you all the day. Your hairstyle is one of the essential elements to glam a great look. So you may pay attention to the shape of your hairstyles. Every morning, you try your best to make the hair look pretty and perfect. If you don¡¯t know what to style for next morning, you can check out Maxglam hair. We Maxglam offer big curly weave bundle hair, not enough for you? Don't worry, we will satisfy you with other various hairstyles like straight hair which is elegant; body wave hair, is the symbol of grace; also we have deep wave hairstyles, which can be very inspiring and amazing for your beauty. If you are not satisfied with the bundles hair, we could make it fixed as we moreover have these hairstyles I said above with closure weave, which we also make silk base closure. What is a silk base closure? What is silk base? Let me tell you~ A closure we made is usually with full density and we have selected the best lace from Swiss. The closure lace size we often do with 4x4 as top closure, which you can also customize. The point is that we make it with silk base that is a material to cover under the closure lace and make a effect that it looks like a real human's scalp, which is so visionary and fantastic.
So what is a lace closure for? Of course foe you to sew in~ No matter whether you have known how to make lace closure sew in, today I am going to show you how I make it. Want to know more? Keep watching! See, the final look and let's get into it. Braid pattern is everything of sew in, section your hair and braid them. You can also weave a net optionally. Now you have to fit the lace closure, place it down and then sew in. Apply the lace frontal closure on and stared with the side frontal section. So you can see the part and I am going to sew the other side. Then I have to section off the frontal hair so as to make the lace closure weave more flat. Then sew it with the lace as you can see, going through the braids. Leave some front hair of the hairline out and firmly sew along the hairline. A important technique here is loop technique. And you want to make sure that there is no lumps in the closure because that will make it unnatural. Keep threading and threading. Okay, after I have done this part, I knot down with thread and sew in them tide. Move on the other side again, sew the lace with the net and braids, which has to be very careful. After finishing the process then the final look of sewing in lace frontal shows up. Thank you for watching and hope you enjoy.


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