A Guide To Making Sure Your Prom Dress Is Unique

Imagine the horror! You arrive at the prom in a sparkling, really unique dress, only to bump into a classmate who is wearing the very same outfit! This is perhaps every young girl’s nightmare scenario, and while you can never guarantee 100% that you will be the only one wearing your dress, there are things one can do to reduce the chances of an identical match, and here are a few ways to ensure that your dress is unique.

   ►   Choose Unique Designs – If you opt for something that’s hot this year, you are immediately increasing the chances of a disaster happening, so look for something stylish and unusual, but not in all the fashion magazines. There are several reputable online dress retailers, and Peaches Boutique has a collection of 2018 Jovani prom dresses, that would likely be unique, and with affordable prices, you will certainly get a real bargain.

   ►   Communication is the Key – Talk to your friends about the prom, and while you might not want to show them the actual dress, you can find an image of a very similar style, and you might want to post this on all relevant social media sites, and that way, a girl can change her mind if she sees something similar. If you thought that social media is not important, there is an interesting article online that looks at the power of social media and how it influences our lives.

   ►   Buy your Dress Online – If you purchase your prom dress online, there will be a much wider selection to choose from, and this narrows down the chances of an identical match. Some established online retailers have more than 4,000 prom dresses in stock, and this means there is virtually zero chance that one of your friends will buy the same dress for the same occasion. For those who don’t believe in online shopping, here is an article that looks at why e-commerce is so popular.

   ►   Avoid Prom Dress Rentals – This is perhaps the best way to eliminate the risk of a perfect match, as a vast majority of girls will hire their prom dress, and by purchasing you also get value for money, as the dress is yours to keep forever. There will be many opportunities in the future for you to wear the dress, and who knows? You could keep if for your daughter’s prom!
With so many dress styles and designs available, you wouldn’t think it ever happens where two girls wear the identical dress, but as we all know from our Internet browsing, it can, and sometimes does occur. While there is no guarantee, online retailers with thousands of prom dresses can almost eliminate the chances of an identical match, and with all of the above, it is extremely unlikely to happen to you. If you follow the above advice, you can rest assured that your dress will not be replicated and you will be the Belle of the Ball.


  1. Great ideas! I so never thought about prom dress rentals that way, I'm glad you wrote about this!