Rosegal Wishlist this November

Hey guys!
I'm back with yet another Rosegal post.Another wishlist for this month.It's November you guys and I cannot believe Christmas is just next month.I mean, where did time fly?
So of course for me shopping never stops.Either the actual shopping or window shopping.I don't know if cruising through online sites can also be refered to as window shopping but oh well.
So I came across a few different types of pieces starting with that amazing porcelain print twinset that tops my list today.Goodness, I just love it.My love for porcelain print keeps growing and I am sure you can see why.
I also just love the yellow dress because I'm thinking of the many occasions that are coming up this December and this one would be perfect for them.I love a nice denim overall for that chilled laid back look and a nice black jumpsuit for a nice evening event.I also came across this amazing red one that I really wouldn't mind wearing on any given day.I just love red ofcourse.
So guys I keep saying this, if you would like to get some great clothes then check out Rosegalbecause they have many kinds of pieces that would make for great outfits.So when you decide to shop any time from now, you can use the code RGNANCY when checking out to ensure you get a good discount on all your purchases.
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  1. Love your picks! Just in time for holiday shopping!


  2. love this wish list, so pretty

  3. I love the ruffled one shoulder pieces! They are so pretty!

  4. WOW that yellow dress! The ruffle detail is amazing.