Date Outfit From Gamiss Sale

4.Crossbody bag
This look for me is a Valentines day special. Sure we do not all have to wear red. Just something nice and cute because hey there's different types of dates.Gamiss has a valentines sale that you might want to take advantage of.The valentines sale 2018 is a nice thing that will ensure those of us who love to shop shop shop get so many great pieces for less and you all know I'm here for saving an extra coin to buy something else great seeing that I have really been talking a lot about sales.
So I looked through the site and came up with a combination I thought would be interesting.Porcelain print has got to be my new favorite print and can you blame me for feeling that way?It's beautiful on anything.So I thought it would go really well with a nice wig for a quick hair fix.I have never really had a wig on my head but I think I'm about to change that.Also the shoes are perfect with the dress in my head at least and a nice black crossbody would do this cute dress justice.I also thought in case it gets a little cold you could really just wear a nice open black coat and this bracelet in silver would also add something extra to the look.I love it.
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