Simple Date Outfit

Hey guys!!
With Valentines just around the corner, people are surely fussing over what they could possibly wear. Pulling out the cute dresses , bags, shoes and what not. So much crosses the mind while preparing for a date with a guy but I just thought how about something effortless. A casual date outfit that is both comfortable and classy.So I thought classic colors would be great. I decided to go for some high waist pants with a white tank then added a statement cowl neck long shirt I got from Rosegal and some strappy heels to complete this look. Sorry , I forgot to photograph with me holding a bag. A black crossbody but really this is a nice way to go.
Just a few rules when trying to come up with a simple date outfit that works. Of course there's different kinds of dates but one with a guy to a place you still do not know and are afraid of being too overdressed or underdressed, these work for me.
  • Classic is best.When in doubt, black and white never really fail you.
  • Keep your jewellery minimal.You really want the focus to be on you and not on some over the top jewellery which might be beautiful but will steal some attention from you.
  • Strappy heels work so well for me when I choose pants.I just think pants already have you covered up so it's just nice to show some skin whether it's the shoulders, your arms, your feet.I just feel like you shouldn't be too covered up even if the demure look is what you were going for.
  • Carry a small bag. I feel like clutch bags and small, pretty crossbody bags make you look classy.You don't want to show up with a bag that makes you look like you have the whole world in there.
  • Keep your hair out of your face. I feel like a simple hair do is great because hair can also be distracting and well , you want the conversation to be smooth and the guy to focus on what you are saying.
  • Also keep your make up simple. You want to look like yourself you know lol.
I could easily sit in a restaurant dressed like this then later hit the club or something because anyway, I chose a nice , very white tank.In case it gets hot anywhere like the club for instance, I could easily remove the plaid shirt and the look would still work.I could wear this to the movies too don't you think.Also use the code LauraRG to check out at Rosegal.
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  1. What a chic outfit! I love the plaid print and the tips you’ve suggested. I think having your hair pulled back and wearing minimal makeup allows for your natural beauty and features to really stand out most. Thanks for sharing, girl, and I hope you have a great week!



  2. I love the outfit! The top is so cute.

  3. What a gorgeous statement piece! And yes to always relying on black and white, the classic combo is always a great go-to. Have a lovely week! Xx

  4. This long shirt is so my style! Love the color and how you styled it. So chic and cool!

  5. A very original and stylish outfit, dear!
    And great tips, as well!

  6. That long printed top is so cool Sophie. You styled it perfectly and looking wonderful.
    Thanks for the styling tips.

  7. Love the check print! And this blue is just gorgeous on you too


  8. Really cute casual look. I love your top so much!

    Kara Aragon

  9. wow beautifull outfit darling realy its awesome.. online shopping in pakistan

  10. I love the shirt Sophie. Simple and classy.

  11. You look so chic, love it!
    xx- Nina

  12. You look great! I love the checked pattern.

    Gemma x

  13. Very cute outfit for a date, love it!
    And the plead top is amazing :)



  14. Your outfit is really cute! :) xx

  15. Looking gorgeous as always babe!! Hope you're having a great week <3

    XO, Jessi

  16. Love that Rosegal shirt! It's like a classic with a modern twist, quite original! The pants are fierce as well ;)
    Have a lovely Valentine's Day, dear!

  17. What a stunning body you have babe. You can flaunt any outfit with panache!