The How-To Guide For Buying A Custom Engagement Ring Online

So, you have decided to go for the customised engagement ring. It’s a wonderful decision to both be incorporated into the design and creation process. Not only this, but its something you will remember and cherish for years to come.

Due to the financial and sentimental value this engagement ring has, purchasing it online can carry additional risks if not done correctly. This is why knowing the ins and outs of safe shopping on the Internet for high value items such as engagement rings is crucial.

First things first, you should only deal with reputable and established retailers. If you are searching for custom engagement rings UK jewellers are offering, there are several trustworthy online jewellers that can create the ring of your dreams from scratch.

However, its important to know the key elements to buying customised jewellery online. This way you can protect yourselves and have a seamless experience.


When buying online, you will have to go from images to gain inspiration and gather ideas. As you explore your favourite websites, look for your favourite design trends, metals, details and gemstones. This way you will start building up a bigger picture of what your dream custom ring looks like.

The next stage to shopping online is sharing your concept with the personal jeweller who will give you a quote for what you’re asking for.

If you are happy, the creative process can commence.

Ø  The best way to commission your ring.

Sometimes, the beginning is the hardest place to start. Choosing your design may be tricky at first but as the saying goes, diamonds are a girl’s best friend. You want to choose something your partner will never want to remove so its often the case that the bigger the sparkle, the better.

You also want to do your research beforehand and get the measurements or a sample ring from your partner. Its crucial you do this to avoid costly adjustments being made, if its even possible.

Ø  Think about the design carefully.

Consider and research diamond shapes. Carefully think about which shapes your partner would love most. Is she more traditional or does she prefer distinctive styles? There are several cuts out there from round to Princess, so youll want to do your research.

Ø  When shopping, keep it simple.

If you’re buying it as a surprise, you want to work with something as simple as possible. This way, you can add to it when your partner gets involved later down the line.

Ø  When buying online, make sure the jeweller can explain the 4Cs.

Clarity, cut, colour and carat are all fundamental elements that make up the quality and value of your bespoke engagement ring. Your online retailer should be able to explain accurately and confidently what these are and how they apply to your diamond and engagement ring.

Ø  Always check for GIA certifications.

GIA is a universally recognised certificate for authenticating the value of diamonds. You will want to ensure that your ring comes with a certificate that can confirm its value. This is a crucial part of your insurance and may come in handy down the line.

Follow these guidelines and you cant go wrong when buying a custom engagement ring online.


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