Human Hair Versus Synthetic Hair Extensions

Even the shortest and coarsest of locks can be transformed into luscious, long, shiny and silkily flowing tresses with hair extensions. Previously, the option of using them was only restricted to celebrities, but now they are widely available and women from all walks of life can try them out. There are human hair extensions and synthetic ones and both of them can provide length, volume and undeniable glamor to your existing locks, which has contributed to their popularity. While you can get the hair extensions applied at a salon or can do it yourself, the key question is what kind of extensions should you choose? Should you go for the human hair product or the synthetic one?
The only way to understand this is by taking a close look at both the options.

Human Hair Extensions
These are the first choice of majority of the professional stylists because the hair is natural looking and it is possible to style and color them according to the user’s need. But, it is a given that when you are opting for human hair, you will have to pay a higher price. If you want to reduce your cost, you can buy pre-styled bundles of Remy hair extensions such as the 
Indian body wave hair bundles s. They require greater care, but also provide you with a great deal more versatility.
Even if you don’t buy pre-styled human hair extensions, you can choose to style them as per your wish. They can be curled, ironed, straightened and blow-dried and you can also use styling products on them. Similar to natural hair, human hair extensions require people to wash and condition them regularly as this extends their life. You can find clip-ons, which are temporary options easily removed and put in or you can get extensions that are sewed in or glued to your hair to keep them in place for a while.
Synthetic Hair Extensions
Lots of women also use synthetic hair extensions because they are long lasting, affordable and require very low maintenance. Made from plastic fibers, these extensions can only be found in curly or straight styles that cannot be changed by using styling products. However, you don’t need to maintain them as they will be able to stay the same even in the rain or humidity. But, the downside is that they have a less-natural looking appearance. Also, they can become matted if they are slept in or washed and you cannot dye them later on so it is best to get them in the color you want.
Human hair that’s used for making hair extensions is obtained from a number of countries including China, Russia, Peru, India, Brazil and Malaysia. Due to the uniform quality of human hair, it is classified as Remy and the strands face in all the same direction. The term virgin is used for hair extensions that haven’t been permed or colored such as
Indian virgin hair extensions. In India, the Hindu temples are regarded as a useful source of human hair because lots of devotees donate their hair as part of religious customs and rituals. Nonetheless, synthetic hair extensions were primarily introduced because human hair was very expensive to obtain. But, they cannot match the quality offered by human hair extensions.
These days, finding hair extensions, both human and synthetic has become quite easy as they are available online. You can find various websites such as Lenehair where you can find some amazing choices when you are in the market for hair extensions. Weigh the pros and cons of human and synthetic hair carefully and then make a decision.