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Sunday, 13 May 2018

Polkas, Lace and Retro Style


Hey guys!!
Anyone here for a nice little retro dress?I am and these ones from Rosegal have caught my attention. I love me some polka dots because they are usually so cute. I'm also a big fan of lace because if you ask me, lace just adds some kind of a sexy feel to an otherwise plain dress.
The thing about a retro style dress is that it just never goes out of style and an A-line version is quite the forgiving type as it always highlights the smallest part of a woman's body. Rosegal has a great collection of such and you can view more of such up  on their site.
They've got them in different colors and you can get them with sleeves, sleeveless , longer or shorter ones. Another thing that's to celebrate about these dresses is that you can choose a fuller skirt or one that's just of a more subtle roundness. It all depends on the kind of look you are trying to go for you know.These would go great with some high heeled shoes. Some pumps or stilettoes. That and a nice bag and there you have your feminine look. Always great to look like a lady and if you really can't decide on what to wear to a formal kind of gathering or a party, these would definitely cut it.I always say the simplest of items could make the best of outfits and sometimes it's worth going for something a little less hassle free. So take advantage of the offers up at Rosegal and just maybe, you can get yourself one of these dresses.Totally worth it.
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  1. Vintage style is my favorite! I love the idea behind this!