Interesting Facts You May Not Know About Homecoming

Often, people relish attending a glamorous event but think little of its origins and the facts behind it. When it comes to homecoming, this annual tradition happens all over America no matter how small or big the town is.

It’s a time when people come together from high schools and colleges around September/October to welcome students back. It’s a fun event that normally revolves around a dance, an iconic football match or maybe even basketball or other games. This tradition is deeply entrenched in American culture and this article will delve into the interest facts surrounding the event.

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Homecoming Facts 101

Even though the modern homecoming event has grown to be more than just one night, there is a lot more behind homecoming then you may have thought. Here are some interesting facts:

  Ø  When the event ties into a football match, it is normally revolved around the team coming back after a lengthy road trip. It welcomes them back by facing an outside team, normally weaker, so that it should be easily won by the home team.

  Ø  The first ever homecoming was held in 1911 when Mizzou's Athletic Director asked graduates to come back to their old school for a yearly game. Over this time, there were many celebrations, dances, notable speeches and a big procession. This is how the event came to be revolved around sports so much and how football became a pivotal part of homecoming.

  Ø  Ever wondered who has been doing homecoming the longest? Apparently, The University of Illinois started it back in 1910 making them the longest running homecoming event and the first to start the tradition. They only missed one year when influenza was bad and prevented a lot of people from attending.

  Ø  The first homecoming queen was crowned around the 1930s. She would be placed on a float during the parade. After this time, the queen and kings of homecoming were chosen through popular demand. The general rule was to nominate based on the character and assets of the person. The first queen wasn’t officially declared until 1941, however. The homecoming king didn’t come into fashion until four decades later!

  Ø  Dressing up is popular during homecoming. These days, otherwise known as spirit days, incorporate various themes that get students to get creative in terms of costumes. The theme should reflect the core spirit of the school.

These interesting facts give us a bit more background behind homecoming and how it got to be the event it is today. Knowing these facts can give us further depth and meaning into everyday events, making homecoming even more glamorous and important.


  1. You defiantly schooled me (no pun intended, lol) on why it's called Homecoming. I know it's usually celebrated around the start of the new school year, so I thought it has something to do with welcoming the students back in general, not the team that's been traveling. Good to know. Thanks for sharing and have a great week!



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    The homecoming king is quite interesting.

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