Friday Favorites:5 Great Ways To Style Embroidered Outerwear

Hi Guys!!
Everyone knows by now just how much I love embroidery. I keep up with the latest trends in embroidery all the time it’s almost literally an obsession of mine. From dresses to shoes, coats to dusters, blazers to pants, you name them and I can almost assure you I am obsessed.

So this Friday I thought I’d start this thing I’m gonna call Friday favorites just to show you a few of my favorite things and how I wear them.Remember if you missed any of the posts, there’s a link below each picture that you can click on to view the full posts.

Today, I’m focussing on embroidered outerwear.

First, there’s this yellow duster I got from Zaful last year.I love yellow so much nowadays. Maybe a little too much for a person who would previously never be caught dead in yellow or any other bright color because I only loved blacks and whites.Thank God that phase is gone. I love this chiffon duster because it’s got that pajama style that I can’t get enough of since the trend came to being.Also, you can wear this with a dress, skirt,pants or even a jumpsuit.I just wore the duster with a little black dress and some boots.

Then there’s my favorite kimono of all time.Another chiffon piece I bought from Zaful. I actually got it on sale for a great bargain but wow, this kimono adds so much class to any simple outfit. Here, I just wore it with a white tee, black high waist pants and some strappy heels and it instantly made me feel different. The embroidery is not the usual one.I love the few colors on the black that are so easy on the eye.I really can’t wait for the warmer times to return so I can wear this kimono again.

3.Leather Jacket
A leather jacket is literally a wardrobe staple and after getting a plain black leather jacket, I came across this embroidered one and loved it. I can wear it with almost everything.The size, perfect, the length, perfect and it’s right to say that it feels great to own this one. It cost me quite a bit but boy am I grateful I spent on it.I rocked it in the most casual manner here and I was so happy with this look because it made me feel like I had put in quite some effort to slay but in reality, I hadn’t.

I don’t know how you guys view blazers but I see them as those wardrobe pieces that give you class instantly. They just make you look mature, but in the right way and make you feel like you are ready for business even in a casual outfit such as this one. In fact, if you work and don’t know how to put together a casual Friday kinda look, why not just grab a pair of jeans, a tee and some comfortable shoes then throw a blazer over it.Works!!This embroidered blazer is a favorite because it has just the right amount of embroidery. Not so in your face and the fact that it reminds me of a high end one or a Zara piece just makes me happy. I’ve worn it to work before but I’ve worn it casually as well.


Last but not least, a good sweater is a must have as well. It’s July, Kenya’s coldest month and this oversize sweater has come through for me in an amazing way.I love just how in your face the embroidery on this one is and it makes for the perfect casual outfit on a day that you want to stand out.So because it’s so out there, I thought it best to keep everything toned down, from the hair, to the pants and shoes so that my outfit wouldn’t look too “noisy.” I also love my sleeves long so the fact that this sweater has sleeves that cover the most part of my hands makes it aa winner.

So there you go guys!! 5 different outerwear pieces that you might want to have some embroidery on.
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  1. Very cool and nice embroidered pieces Sophie! Have a great weekend xx

  2. You rock embroidery Sophie! I love every single look.

  3. Loving your embroidered looks! Happy Friday!!

  4. I ove embroideries and your pieces are all very very pretty!
    My faves are the leather jacket and the blazer! :)

  5. Love them all! But I think my fav is the kimono ♥

  6. You look always gorgeous!Love that kimono:-)

  7. Que look's maravilhosos.
    O blazer ficou super estiloso!

  8. I'm the same, so obsessed with embroidery! it adds so much chic to any outfit. you look fantastic, i love the kimono! xx

    Much Love,
    Elegant Duchess

  9. You;ve got some of the best embroidered pieces, looking so gorgeous hun xx

  10. love the details!
    kisses from the sandpits of dubai ❤️

  11. Thanks for sharing these style tips for friday!

    Kelly |

  12. Love the embroidery! Such a fan of it - you look amazing, doll!

    Happy Monday, babe!
    xoxo, Vanessa

  13. El kimono amarillo es una pasaada! Y el sweater precioso! Unos outfit increibles :)

  14. Amazing and pretty looks


  15. I love embroidered dresses too. But long time do not have one to wear. You have some beautiful pieces. Love them. :-)

    Via |

  16. amazing embroidery options!!!

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