Our Top 3 Tips for Creating the Best Engagement Photos

Photo by Seth Reese on Unsplash

If you’re recently engaged or wanting to get engaged, then you’ll probably want to capture the special moment with some photos. Documenting the engagement can be a really nice way of retaining the memory.

Whether you set up a separate photo shoot for your engagement photos, or you choose to make the photography as part of the engagement event itself, here are some tips you can follow for making the photography as satisfying as possible.

1. Knowing What to Wear

It is important that the subjects look their best for your engagement photos. As these photos are for a special occasion, you’re going to want to look back on these photos for years to come. It is important, therefore, that you wear clothes that will suit the occasion well, and won’t stand out too much. More importantly, though, is that you wear something you feel confident in, as it will make you feel comfortable, and will make the photos feel more natural and appealing.

The same goes for any jewellery, makeup or hairstyles. There is no need to go to any great trouble or special measures to prepare for your engagement photos. What people want to see is a true reflection of your love between you and your partner.

However, don’t forget to show off the one piece of jewellery that really counts – your engagement ring! This should take centre-piece in any engagement photos, along with smiling faces from the happy couple. There is an array of custom engagement rings in Sydney for engaged couples if you haven’t yet picked out your ring.

2. Choose Your Location Wisely

The place where you take your engagement photos can make the difference between good and great images. The location itself can be an extension of the event marking the engagement of a happy couple and could reflect a place that has a special meaning for the both of you. You can let the location form part of the narrative. You needn’t stick to places you’ve been, though, and you can be adventurous and try somewhere new.

If you have nowhere in particular to take your engagement photos, you could always go to typically romantic places, such as Paris or Venice, and have these as a backdrop that would truly rubber stamp the momentous occasion that you’re documenting.

3. Correct Lighting Conditions

The key to any great photography is getting the lighting conditions right. You can find out about the different times of day and even time of year and see what kind of effect that will have on your engagement photos. Obviously, if you plan on proposing to someone, then there is no need to wait until the seasons change, but you could put off your official photo shoot until the weather is better. For example, spring is a wonderful time to be seen outside taking photos that celebrate love, as all the flora is opening up and this makes a great background.

You can also do research about sunlight and which time of day is best to take photos, such as the typical trick that photographers use for capturing images during the ‘golden hour’ – a window of time that provides excellent lighting conditions, close to dawn or dusk. For indoor shoots, you may also want to search correct lighting conditions and ensure that your camera has been put to the right settings.

The key to any great engagement photos is making sure the subjects look their best, in a place they most feel comfortable, and using the correct lighting conditions for the most exuberant images.