Zaful Wishlist for July

Hey guys!! It's been a while since I did a wishlist but here goes one. Zaful is giving crazy deals on items they sell and if you've never tried this online shop , you probably want to look in some time now . So I have so so so much stuff from Zaful and I keep getting stuff from them because it's a trustworthy store and their stuff just always comes right. I have never really failed to get any of my orders despite the fact that sometimes they come in separate packages at different yimes.
So I picked out some stuff I've been eyeing lately. A bit of everything really. I  also wanted to balance a bit. Have some stuff for warm weather and some for the cold, you know because Nairobi is currently a cold city. I honestly can't wait for the return of the sun. So guys, do check out Zaful for more great stuff.


  1. Although I don't live in Kenya and have no idea about the deal you are talking about but love that floral skirt and oversize white sweater in your wishlist..look so comfy and versatile..❤️

  2. Cool wish list girl!