An interesting brand of shoes called Chamaripa Shoes

chamaripa shoes
chamaripa shoes

Hey guys
I just recently found out about Chamaripa shoes.

They sell a nice wide range of very classy elevator shoes for both men and women that give you some great height.

I really like the concept of elevator shoes though because I think height is grace and obviously not all of us were made super tall but we can always do one or two things to kinda uplift ourselves right?

So Chamaripa  has been around for sometime making it one of those brands of shoes you can definitely trust from the looks of things. I like that they have both casual and more formal shoes.

Let me just talk a bit about dress shoes for men.

A friend of mine once told me the reason why he pays so much attention to his shoes compared to the rest of his outfit is because for a guy, shoes mean everything.They either make or break the look.Do you think that's true?

Anyway , they have the best ones in elegant colors and you definitely want your dad, brother, bestie or boyfriend know about them.

In the female department, I just love the sneakers because they give you height.That's right ladies, height that comes without the strain of a heel and all I can say is yeey.

So ladies and gentlemen, you might want to check out their cool website and order some great shoes.

I think we can agree that it is so worth having some extra height when you can have it in a comfortable way. That way, we do not strain.Also, the elevation is reasonable especially for the men shoes.

Can I also add that it is so worth paying attention to the shoe quality and there's no need to worry about that in as far as Chamaripa is concerned.

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chamaripa shoes

chamaripa shoes


  1. Thanks for the introduction to the brand!

    Gemma x

  2. Hello, just wanted to tell you, I loved this post.
    It was practical. Keep on posting!