Kendall Jenner Street Style Fashion Outfits We should All Try

Hey guys!!

I know I post a lot of different kinds of looks on my blog for the love of fashion but I must say, street style fashion outfits are simply my favorites and that's why today I have this post on Kendall Jenner's street style fashion on my blog but first...

Kendall Jenner just happens to be my favorite in her entire very fashionable family.I find her model-off-duty street style very relatable.

Here are a few of her celebrity style icon moments that stand out for me but of course, there's lots of moments.

1.The Skirts
Kendall Jenner Street Style Fashion Outfits We should All Try

Ladies and gentlemen, this is so me.I love ankle boots a little too much and also, I have been wearing baker boy hats for the longest time.It actually started when I was a teenager and my friends would make fun of me for having one too many of them.

Kendall paired her baker boy hat in a nice unexpected way.She went for a white tee and instead of the expected jeans to go with it, she chose an asymmetrical skirt. You’d think this kind of skirt would be for a more dressed up day but she turned it into a fantastic street style fashion outfit. If I’m not wrong , she was wearing this on the day the Vogue guys were vetting her Kendall and Kylie line of clothes(I stand to be corrected) on KUWTK. Did I forget to mention how bomb her velvet boots are?

This I think is genius.Definitely something we should try.
Kendall Jenner Street Style Fashion Outfits We should All Try
A black and white combo for a skirt and shirt look is one that I think everybody has tried.In fact, I think it’s a go to.
Kendall here had quite the celebrity style icon moment when she made us realize that a simple pairing such as a black skirt and white tee can be spiced up by adding some gladiator shoes and a nice faux fur bag .
Notice how simple everything else is. Not much jewellery and with her hair down .What a classy street style look

2.The Dresses with sneakers

Kendall Jenner Street Style Fashion Outfits We should All Try

Again, so me.I am a girl that simply loves to wear things a little differently than what is expected.I like jeans with heels but I like dresses with sneakers which is why I feel like this was one of her "I run these streets" kinda days.

Kendall Jenner managed to wow us again here when she paired this colorful mini with plain white sneakers.Notice how perfectly this dress hugs her and that waist just stands out.

I love the size of the sunglasses and that she went for just a tiny bag because hey, the dress is enough a statement in this street style look.
Kendall Jenner Street Style Fashion Outfits We should All Try

So, in as much as I love the previous look and wearing the dress with sneakers is so my thing, I wouldn't dare to wear a dress that short.First, because I never wear anything short and two, I live in Nairobi.On which streets of Nairobi would you be able to walk on confidently wearing a dress that short?
So an option to wear a dress with sneakers that I love from Kendall is this bodycon number she paired with the sneakers.You can pull off such a slit even in Nairobi's streets lol.

We all have bodycons and cute backpacks right? So this is another street style look from Kendall that you can easily steal.

3. Dusters and Long coats

Kendall Jenner Street Style Fashion Outfits We should All Try
So , still on the dresses with sneakers but with a little more to it. A duster.This is another time Kendall Jenner's street style really stood out for me and once again she proved that she really is a celebrity style icon.

In a phone conversation, describing this look to someone who hasn't seen it could possibly make them think you're describing a grandma's outfit. Come to think of it, a midi dress with sneakers and a very long duster sounds like grandma but Kendall's excecution of it makes me want to wear this kind of look soon.

She kept it simple by going for a black dress, white sneakers and chose a nice plain silk duster, allowing her bag to also stand out.

Kendall Jenner Street Style Fashion Outfits We should All Try
So, a reason I really love a long coat is that it elevates even the simplest of outfits.
Notice, Kendall was just wearing a pair of leggings, sneakers and a black crop.This could have easily passed for a work-out outfit but her amazing long coat just gave this a twist and transformed it into another very simple yet sophisticated street style casual chic look.

4.Fanny Packs
Kendall Jenner Street Style Fashion Outfits We should All Try
I honestly can't believe I do not own a fanny pack but I do have a cropped jumpsuit in an almost similar design and Kendall's making me want to wear mine with a fanny pack..

The thing with a fanny pack is that it very nicely completes a casual look. Adding it to your street style is a great idea because it serves as a belt and a very easy-to-carry bag. Effortless huh. 

Kendall Jenner Street Style Fashion Outfits We should All Try

So I have worn something almost similar. A striped suit with sneakers and it's very easy to pull off such a look because nowadays, suits don't have to be worn with heels.
Notice the fanny pack again?This is another way to carry it around in your street style and I simply love it because it's not very expected.

5.Dressed up jeans
Kendall Jenner Street Style Fashion Outfits We should All Try
Jeans are pretty much the most obvious thing to wear for a street style fashion outfit because they are very comfortable and the most casual things ever.Kendall Jenner paired her blue jeans with a black crop and elevated the look with this beautifully made jacket that pretty much transformed the whole look.

You'll agree with me that that is definitely not a hard thing to do ,right jeans lovers?

Kendall Jenner Street Style Fashion Outfits We should All Try

Ah, a white tee and jeans combination.I do not think there is a single girl who hasn't worn her jeans with a graphics tee before , if not one too many times.

This is what I meant by, I love dresses with sneakers but jeans with heels.

Don't you just love how Kendall went for the nude pair of heels and the cornrows so that the outfit looks more chic?

When you think about it, this would have been the most obvious and effortless combination if she had just gone for sneakers and a backpack but no, she made it look like she'd put in some effort because of her footwear choice and bag too.

Kendall Jenner Street Style Fashion Outfits We should All Try
This is perhaps my favorite kind of jeans outfit.

Instead of pairing your jeans with just a t-shirt, how about you wear them with a button down shirt like Kendall did and tuck it in to make the outfit dressier.

I mean, the button down does not necessarily have to be white, it just has to be a nice shirt but boy does white look amazing.

This would be just right even for a casual Friday at the office and not just as a street style fashion outfit because the jeans are very plain and the shoes are closed, not to mention Kendall's light make up.

Kendall Jenner Street Style Fashion Outfits We should All Try

I have been looking for a similar pair of platforms (of course they won't be in similar price lol, more like dupes) for the longest time.

These shoes honestly have a way of completing a street look and considering how simple this look would have been without them, they give the outfit a big plus.

Notice how she tied her t-shirt?Another game changer huh?

The hat, clutch and her sunnies go to explain how important it is to get the accessories right if you are going with a "lazy" outfit.

We all own similar items I'd like to think , meaning this is a look we can definitely recreate.

So guys, I know we often look at celebrity style icons to see what they are rocking from time to time, but how about you take some notes on how they tweak some of the pieces you probably also have and use those to come up with your own looks?

You don't necessarily have to copy them but you most definitely can draw a lot of fashion inspiration that will definitely make dressing up more fun.

I hope you loved this Kendall Jenner model-off-duty street style fashion outfits round up.Let me know which one your favorite is.



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