It’s My 25th Birthday! Twenty Five Lessons in Twenty Five Years

Hey guys!!
It's my birthdaaaayyyy !! Oh and it's Friyay!!
I am super excited I made it to 25.It's a bit unbelievable because just the other day I turned 18 and now, mid 20s y'all.So I thought I'd put together a list of 25 random lessons I have learnt in my 25 years of existence.
It’s My 25th Birthday! Twenty Five Lessons in Twenty Five Years
Put God above everything.
You guys, this is the most important lesson I have learn't in my 25 years of being. I can honestly say I wouldn't have been able to get anywhere without God and it is for that reason that whenever anything good happens to me, I can't take all the credit. I get the strength from above.There's a supreme being always watching.

Respect your parents.
Other than that being the commandment with a promise, often times when you disrespect your parents, it comes back to you in the worst possible way. They had you and did everything in their power to raise you into what you are. Doesn't matter if they gave you everything you wanted or they couldn't, you just can't change your parents.

You are what you believe. 
I happen to be a very confident girl.Always have been even in the most nerve wrecking situations.When I was a little girl, I was always surrounded by people who would remind me that I could do so much , that I was capable of everything.That grew in me so...
But I will say, confidence can be built. You are what you are and you can do what you believe you can do.

Be humble
It's one thing to have the highest self esteem but don't ruin it by being an air head. Being humble gets you places.Even the Bible says so.Humble yourself and he will lift you up.An inflated ego that makes you think you are better than everyone else can so easily lie to you and make you feel like you are walking on water but you will end up losing so much more than you can gain.Stay humble.

Don't be a pushover.
Learn to stand up for yourself.Learn to stand your ground and don't allow anyone to fill you with nonsense.
In my first job, we were often pressured unnecessarily, told we were doing nothing, forced to stay till late at work, you name it. I tolerated it for the sake of my colleagues because I did not want to get them into trouble but one day, I reached my limit.I spoke up and then resigned.I can honestly say, piece of mind is the most important thing and it was definitely not worth staying that long.
Doesn't matter if it's a relationship , a job, a friendship, just never be a pushover.

Love exists
I believe it 100% because I know the feeling.It's the most beautiful feeling in the world. It makes you feel like you are in the clouds.A paradise of some sort.My colleagues at work make fun of me because I am the the biggest hopeless romantic,I seem to see things from a fantasy perspective but oh well, it's great.
On the flip side, I know it exists and it can really really hurt when you give what you feel is 100% and get like a zero in return.You literally feel the pain in your chest, like it's been pierced, headaches, lack of sleep or appetite and it sucks.Remember thatv just because you love someone does not mean they can't love you back.That said it's more beautiful than it is ugly.

It's ok to trust.
I easily trust people. I give them 100% when I meet them and then they can reduce it themselves instead of giving them a zero and having them increase.The thing is, no two people are the same and I think to trust is to be strong.Give people a chance.Be careful while you are at it but be more of an optimist than a pessimist.
It’s My 25th Birthday! Twenty Five Lessons in Twenty Five Years
Trust your gut
I find that often times when I have that strong gut feeling and I fail to listen to it, things just go so so wrong.If you feel deep down that something isn't right for you, how about you listen to that inner voice telling you "don't do it."

You always know when it's time to let go.
Sometimes we hold on to situations that hurt us just because we are so afraid of starting over especially when you feel like you have invested so much in someone or something.Trust me, you always just know it's time.

It's ok to not be ok.
Yes people, it takes a lot of energy to pretend that you are fine when deep down you know that you are not.It's easier to acknowledge that you are down and find ways to lift yourself up.Crying makes us stronger and once you are done.

It helps to talk
Sometimes we hold so much in because we think people are either going to judge us or they will just not understand where we are coming from.You'll be shocked at the amount of stuff people have been through and you can only see how much they will understand when you tell them your side, Keeping things in hurts.

Avoid toxic people.
They are always negative and will always work so hard to cast a shadow on your life.They are just selfish.

Life is too short for ugly clothes.
Yes people, this is another very important one for me.I just feel good when I dress well :-) I feel like great clothes make you feel more confident, they earn you respect too.Dress decently and by the way, decent does not necessarily mean expensive.Just pick your clothes well, invest in a few staples and you will be good to go.
It’s My 25th Birthday! Twenty Five Lessons in Twenty Five Years

Never confuse a fault finder with a smart person.
Faultfinders will always appear smart, they look down on people who are not into the same things they are into, they pretend to have the best lives but deep down they are the ones suffering. They have ghosts in their corridors and I feel like it stems from their past.

We are our worst critics.
Often times, that thing you feel looks bad on you or when you feel like people are always focusing on your flaws, more than half the time, they are not.

It's very easy to determine who your real friends are
Those people who are with you during the hardest of times and those who are with you at your worst, those are your real friends. Those who are always competing with you or just with you when you are in the highest of spirits, not your friends.

It's always worth a try.
Uncertainty is the worst thing ever.We are often haunted by the things that we didn't do when we had the chance to do them.This is applicable in every single aspect of life, including in your love life lol.

Have your own style.Be unique.
You are you and there is absolutely no way you can be someone else.God created each individual with a certain uniqueness and often times, people waste a lot of time trying to be like some other people but it's really never worth it because it will never happen.

Find your passion and follow your heart.
Trust me, nothing is as hard as being stuck doing something you have no interest in. Be it a course in school or a job. Search within you and find what it is that you are passionate about and by all means, do your best to follow that. Chase your dreams and if you can't do it in a big way, find a small way.
It’s My 25th Birthday! Twenty Five Lessons in Twenty Five Years
Be nice to everyone.
Trust me, you never know when you'll need the next person.It doesn't matter whether or not they are lower then you, they could save your life or let me say this to sound less dramatic,they could get you out of the worst of situations.

Education is important and so is talent.
The problem with African folks is that they often give education their all.They will pay your fees, encourage you to be a doctor , lawyer, engineer and forget that you are a great runner, designer or artist.Some young people on the other hand,think that they can do everything with just their talent and they are taken advantage of sometimes. It therefore is worth having a balance of both.Nothing will see you higher than having a balance of both.

Use your money wisely and learn to save.
Guys, the joy of earning from your hard work and pride of it is so big but as great as it is to sppend, learn to save some because you never know what tomorrow holds. I am almost a certified shopaholic but I came up with a saving plan for myself and it works./don't mise either because again life is too short.

Living alone is super amazing.
Oh my goodness, I love that my place is always exactly as I left it every morning.I never have to worry about what we'll eat because there is no we.I am responsible for everything about me currently and that responsibility is awesome.Moving out may seem scary but once you do it, you'll be fine.

There's nothing wrong with being single.
Never bow down to peer pressure.I know the clock doesn't stop but even if all your friends are dating and you are not, don't sweat it.Don't just date for the sake of it. Do it because you are really into the person and also because you can see it going somewhere. It might not end up there but you get me, don't just date for just because it is not exactly an achievement.

Age is just a number
I'm 25 today!!!Major milestone because I made it to the mid twenties.I find it unbelievable  but I don't feel like I'm getting old too fast lol. I'm alright with it and I think a lot of people are afraid of getting older, but it's just a number people.Eat well, live right, have fun and we won't keep asking for your age.


  1. Happy birthday Sophie and thanks for this post where you share a lot! Happy Friday xx

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  3. I wish you an happy birthday.
    Theses are such great lessons.
    I all agree with you.

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  5. Happy Birthday Sophie! I love that you put God first. You are such a beauty and an inspiration to all.

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  7. Happy belated birthday!! And such a great list. Yes to always giving things a chance and indeed that life is too short to dress boring!! Xx

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    Look's maravilhosos!

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    Gemma x

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