7 Amazing In Style Ideas On How To Wear A Shift Dress

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Today, we are talking about how to wear a shift dress and with these few shift dress outfit ideas, I hope you get a plan or two on how to wear yours.

So , what is a shift dress?
Well it is a dress that simply falls straight from the shoulders.The opposite of a sheath dress like the one I had in my last post here.

Who can wear a shift dress?

Well the thing about shift dresses is that they are not body hugging and are therefore very forgiving in that they do not bring focus to your least favorite body parts.Therefore, they are great for a number of different body shapes, and even maternity period because of this.You just have to style a shift dress properly to achieve your desired look,which is why this post is up.

Dress It Up

1.Wear it sheer,frilled, with strappy sandals

7 Amazing In Style Ideas On How To Wear A Shift Dress
First of all, Silvia rocked this while in Cannes.Like during the actual Cannes Film Festival week and when I was thinking of who can wear a shift dress and how to wear them, I immediately remembered reading the post from her blog last year where she was wearing this and boy did she bring it.

She dressed up this dress with some strappy heels which is always a nice and easy way to look very dressy in a shift number because otherwise they can look a bit too casual because they easily make for the comfortable kinda outfit.

2.An Off-shoulder shift dress colorblocked

7 Amazing In Style Ideas On How To Wear A Shift Dress

On that dressing it up part, how about you go for an off-shoulder kind of shift dress instead of wearing just the normal kind of either sleeved or sleeveless.Rosemary wore this yellow printed off-shoulder shift dress with some red heels and I definitely love it.

I love that this shift dress outfit idea involves a colorblock which is one of my favorite things to do with clothes.I think I need an off-shoulder one too because I am digging this look.

3.Try an Ankara shift dress

7 Amazing In Style Ideas On How To Wear A Shift Dress
@brianbabu IG but the girl is Sharon

Yeah ladies, Brian styled Sharon Mundia in this amazing Ankara design for her early morning show Living With Ess which I make a point to catch on YouTube during some of my lunch breaks .I love the print of this dress.

If you had actually never thought of a shift dress outfit idea involving Ankara print, well, there you go.Lovely and how Sharon wore it all dressed up is an amazing way to wear it.

Also, if you were looking for the perfect new design for that Ankara fabric you have sitting in your house, there you go.

Dress It Down

4.With ankle boots

7 Amazing In Style Ideas On How To Wear A Shift Dress

So again, in case you were wondering about who can wear shift dresses, how about a girl who loves to look fun and casual.

One of my favorite Kenyan YouTubers Didi wore this beautiful dress with an amazing print on her birthday vlog back when she'd taken a bit of a break from blogging and how happy I was when she posted this on her blog because I could see the dress in its glory.

How about going for a pair of cool , comfy booties for that cool casual style.

5.With A Pair of Sneakers

7 Amazing In Style Ideas On How To Wear A Shift Dress

But doesn't it get any "more fun?" Silvia once again shows us another amazing shift dress outfit idea by rocking this nice, bright yellow number.

I love that she can pull off such a look so well considering the one in the first picture is so feminine and chic.This one is laid back and cool.

So how about you try rocking your shift dress with some cool converse.Give heels a break sometimes:-)

Oh by the way, you can buy this dress from her "shop my looks" section of her blog.

6.With some flat shoes

7 Amazing In Style Ideas On How To Wear A Shift Dress

Annabelle wore her cute lace up shift dress with a nice pair of lace up flats and I am so here for it.She rocked this pair of flats beautifully but like duuuh, she wears everything well doesn't she?

So flats are the easiest things to wear but I would advise that because shift dresses are so lose and sometimes look a little  boxy, go for a pretty pair of flats.Not just the normal ones with no oomph because I feel like choosing a pair with some life on them such as these ones she wore, or with an amazing print could go a long way in making you shine in a shift.

7.With gladiator sandals

7 Amazing In Style Ideas On How To Wear A Shift Dress

Last but not least, yours truly.I came up with this shift dress outfit idea (post here in case you missed it)
I decided to go for a pair of tall gladiator sandals that made an otherwise very dressy dress look so cool and "rocked up" for lack of a better word.

So my shift dress is a little on the shorter side so these tall gladiator sandals kinda made me feel like I wasn't showing too much leg, which I like.

If you know me , you know that rarely will you catch me wearing anything short because I'm just not used to it.I loved this look so much and to add another cool factor, I added my favorite black baker boy hat.

So there guys.In case you were wondering who can wear shift dresses, there you go.Different ladies of different sizes and body shapes.You just have to get the styling right which was the inspiration for this "7 Amazing In Style Ideas on How To Wear A Shift Dress."I hope you found this helpful.

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