14 Modern Ideas On How to Style Your Pantsuits Fashionably

1.Go with the pajama trend pant suit

14 Modern Ideas On How to Style Your Pantsuits Fashionably
Sophie Atieno 

Pantsuits for women have been around for years and I am so glad that nowadays, there are many modern ideas on how to style your pantsuits.

Some years back, they were only set aside for work and most of them, you will agree with me, were not very stylish.In fact, I often just saw many hideous ones in the same old, grey, brown,black or navy pant suits.

So I am so excited to be sharing with you these 14 great ideas on how you could style your pant suits.

14 Modern Ideas On How to Style Your Pantsuits Fashionably
Toke Makinwa

Kicking us off is Toke Makinwa and yours truly .Both of us  of us are wearing the pajama style pant suits but in different ways.

The first picture is of a look I shared here on the blog on how to wear the pajama pantsuit (click in case you missed it) but basically,this was an official look.A way to make an otherwise over-the-top suit more work appropriate,of course,depending on the kind of work environment you are in.

I went for a nice little lace top and some black stilettos.I love how a closed pair of heels just screams "work appropriate" and I decided to tie my hair at the back so that only my suit stands out. Doesn't fall so much under the conventional women's pant suits for work but hey, it works.

The ever fabulous Toke Makinwa wore hers with a strappy pair of amazing golden heels and went for bold blonde hair which she let down.This is such a nice way to wear a pajama pant suit to an event or a not so formal kind of environment.

2.Try a velvet pant suit

14 Modern Ideas On How to Style Your Pantsuits Fashionably
Silvia Njoki

I absolutely love the feel of velvet and the fact that velvet can be transformed into a gorgeous pantsuit just gives joy to a fashion lover who also happens to be a fan of velvet like myself.

This is an amazing look that the lovely Silvia Njoki wore to an event some time back and we loved everything starting from the color to the fact that she had on matching headgear.This for me is stunning.

Silvia wore her velvet suit topless but with a strappy heel and completed the ensemble with the prettiest clutch.I feel like I need to get one of such suits in a similar color or just a nice dark green similar to a velvet dress I already own.

3.Go Monochrome with your look

14 Modern Ideas On How to Style Your Pantsuits Fashionably
Jessica Wang

So, you notice that Silvia's look was matchy matchy  but that brings me to my next point.How about you try going monochrome.

The ever stylish Jessica Wang wore this burgundy look from head to toe.Pant suit check, top,check and the shoes too.

People, it is very modern to wear the same color from head to toe and this amazing outfit would make everyone less scared to try it.The idea of wearing the same color from head to toe seems a bit intimidating but hey, this look changes everything.

4.Go for a bright color

14 Modern Ideas On How to Style Your Pantsuits Fashionably
Melody Jacob

Like I said at the beginning of the post, previously, pantsuits for women would come in boring colors.The usual ones , but now you have the option of maintaining that class associated with a suit even in a bright color.

Style blogger Melody Jacob wowed in this bright number and went on to style her pantsuit with a bright top as well.Talk about taking the right risks when it comes fashion.

Just always make sure your colors are right for each other when styling a suit this bright or just pair it with blacks or whites if you are not too sure.Otherwise, you risk color clashing.

5.Belt your blazer

14 Modern Ideas On How to Style Your Pantsuits Fashionably
Jessica Wang

Another modern idea on how to style your pantsuits is to belt your blazer or jacket depending on how you want to call it, which happens to be something I do a lot.

I really love doing it especially because it draws attention to my very tiny waist but other than that, it makes a blazer look so polished which would explain why Jessica Wang once again looks this stunning.

Good thing is this can be done whether you are wearing your suit to work or wherever else.It's also a nice way to make a suit that you have been wearing for a while look a bit different.

6.Go for a fully buttoned jacket/blazer/coat

14 Modern Ideas On How to Style Your Pantsuits Fashionably
Alexandra Lapp

So I know Alexandra Lapp also has her jacket belted, but for this particular picture, the focus is mostly on the kind of jacket for her suit.

We are so used to double breast or a one button suit but Alexandra shows us that a jacket buttoned all the way up also makes for that fashionable ensemble.

So she just pushed up her sleeves and allowed the white to peek a bit through them as well as around the collar area so as to not look too covered up and just completed the rest of the look with whites.Love it.

7.Go for a double breast blazer 

14 Modern Ideas On How to Style Your Pantsuits Fashionably
Annabelle Fleur

Speaking of double breast, the beautiful Annabelle rocked her suit in this amazing way.
She went for a double breast blazer and flared pants and I am loving it.

She went for a simple color, white, which made the beautiful buttons stand out but really, you can choose any color for the double breast trend kind of pant suit.

May I also say that to me a double breast pantsuit looks a bit more classy, more elegant and even more costly and for that reason, I am officially on the hunt for a plaid double breast one.

8.Wear it with a hat and oxfords

14 Modern Ideas On How to Style Your Pantsuits Fashionably
Annabelle Fleur

Still on Anabelle, how about you make your pantsuit casual chic instead or just preppy.

She paired her otherwise women's pantsuit for work in a laid back manner by wearing it with a hat , cuffing the sleeves and trousers to make them a bit cropped, then added this pair of oxfords that I would die to own.

Notice by the way that the oxfords are responsible for making this look a bit more preppy, and we like preppy because it's young and fun right?

9.Color Block and layering

14 Modern Ideas On How to Style Your Pantsuits Fashionably
Alexandra Lapp

Really guys, the way Alexandra has a way with suits just never ceases to amaze me.I love this particular style .

Ever thought of going for a top and bag that gives your pant suit a nice colorblock effect? That, then layering a coat that matches your bag and top over the whole look?Genius huh?

Well she did it and thanks to that, has given us a great ,fun and modern idea on how we can style our pantsuits to make them look fresh, different and oh so chic.

10.Wear your suit with sneakers

14 Modern Ideas On How to Style Your Pantsuits Fashionably
Christine Kong

Fashion blogger Christine Kong styled her red pantsuit with sneakers and all I can say is this has always been my favorite way to style a suit.

It's nice, comfortable, young and fun but, because it's a suit, it still has class written all over it.

Previously, suits would only be worn in very formal and office friendly ways but this works great for casual Friday , a not so formal work environment or even the weekend because it's a relaxed look.I mean, see how cool she looks sitting on that sleek ride.A total winner if you ask me and well, if you haven't tried your suit with sneakers yet, how about you try it.Just be careful with the fit of the pants.

11.Try a printed suit (striped suit) instead of a plain one

14 Modern Ideas On How to Style Your Pantsuits Fashionably
Sophie Atieno

Like I just said, I am a huge fan of wearing suits with sneakers and as you can see, I did that here in this post just in case you missed it, but I'm focusing on the print now .

I know that the pajama suit on the first pictures are printed but I just wanted to emphasize it here that it really is ok to go bold on the prints.

It's a nice way to have fun with your otherwise very normal plain looking suit.Just be sure to go with more plains when wearing clothes this bold.I chose a white top and some off-white converse then just a simple bag just so my outfit wouldn't be too loud.

12.Wear the suit with mules

14 Modern Ideas On How to Style Your Pantsuits Fashionably
Valeria Lipovetsky

Still on the stripes but here, model and one of my favorite YouTubers Valeria went for a pair of mules to complete her pantsuit for women outfit.Another very modern idea on how to style them because some years back, you wouldn't be caught dead wearing a "whole" suit with mules/slides.

This is something I will be doing very soon because I am always here for a nice, chilled kind of outfit and this is one of such.It's also a very youthful look.Just make sure your mules/slides are nice and classy.

13.With a crop top or bustier

14 Modern Ideas On How to Style Your Pantsuits Fashionably
Melody Jacob

A suit can sometimes look very manly but Melody shows us a nice way to add that feminine factor especially during those warm summery months by showing some skin.

I absolutely love this because I love a good crop top or bustier but in as much as it is a little intimidating walking around with just that, the blazer covers you up just right and you definitely maintain that "respect" that comes when you wear a suit.

14.Go for a duster coat

14 Modern Ideas On How to Style Your Pantsuits Fashionably
Lucia Musau

Last but not least is another Kenyan blogger, the lovely Lucia wearing this amazing ensemble.I love a good duster or trench which is why this look just works so great if you ask me.

Lucia went for a high collar top if I may call it so that has that beautiful matching detail and I believe this was during a Hennessy Moet trip.She's inside a chateau you guys and the suit was very fit for such a classy place because it is equally classy.

I find it easy to go for such coats if an instant chic look is what you are trying to achieve.

So there you go guys.Those are fourteen modern ideas on how to style your pantsuits fashionably from some of my favorite bloggers and Toke's a Nigerian influencer.

Be sure to look them up on Instagram and their blogs.

I hope you've learnt a thing or two from this and so now, you should be able to wear pantsuits for women with more confidence and thanks to these, I'm sure you can find new ways of rocking the ones you already own.

Thanks for stopping by.

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