Most Worn Pieces of 2018, Should I Wear Them in 2019?

Hey guys !
I hope you've had a fantastic week.  I have had a hard one .Talk about holiday hangovers but I'm good. So, seeing that we are still new into the year, I just thought I'd do this post. 6 of my most worn pieces of 2018. Just 6 here but I did put up a YouTube video on the same topic but with more stuff. You might want to watch that.

The first one is this beautiful printed porcelain dress. I love it. Wardrobe basic of mine for last year but honestly,  I took it back home to Eldoret to just give it a good rest. It was amazing to just have it with me.
Knee length and perfect print and I just find so many ways of styling it for the office,  casual,  you name it.

Next up is this pair of earrings. I really think white earrings are a wardrobe staple. Wardrobe basics such as these will always save you because they go with anything you choose to wear.

So next up,  I k.ow black bags are wardrobe basics and people tend to carry them a lot, but in 2018,I used this one a lot. Beautiful brown color that contrasts so well with most of my clothes.

If you don't own a whire button down or button up , call it whatever,  then I really don't know what you are doing with your life. This happens to be my favorite white shirt. Now I know the usual one would be a plain one but I love this one because it still serves the purpose especially for the days I want to look preppy.

Another piece that makes it to wardrobe basics of mine in the past year and definitely will still be a basic for this year is this black moto jacket I got a while ago. It worked and will still work for any occasion. Acceptable at work,  at events,  on a casual weekend,  to a formal place, you name it.

Last on this list but certainly not least is this patent brown booties. These are so easy to walk in and are so easy to clean which is a total win for me.I wear them with pants,  dresses, skirts and everything.
So guy, there's more on YouTube. Do watch the video when you have time because there's more stuff and information on where I got all these and you can let me know which one you love most.


  1. These are all such lovely pieces! I agree a moto jacket is a staple that gets worn year after year! I love mine, even if it's rare to be cold enough to need to wear it here in Australia, haha!

    Hope that you are having a lovely weekend and your 2019 has been off to a great start :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  2. I love these pieces! The earrings and the bag are my favorite!


  3. lovely picks Sophie! Those earrings are amazing! xx

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  4. these pieces will look great on you!

  5. A white button up shirt is just the best! Such a good basic item to style! Xx

  6. They are all stunning. xx


  7. SO many great pieces!
    xx- Nina

  8. All the pieces are very cute and I think you'll be able to wear even in the next months!
    Especially the bags and the moto jackets, they're evergren!

  9. These pieces are cute and I would say to wear them again!


  10. Classic picks dear. That blue dress is so pretty.
    Jessica |

  11. Beautiful. Great bag.

  12. I think all these looks are very classic and can definitely be worn in the new year, especially those boots! So cute.
    xx Jenifer

  13. all of stuffs are really good and surely want to buy in 2019 also, how can i buy the leather bag?