Ten Reasons Why You Need Coffee In Your Life

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I don’t know where you’re reading this post from but have you already had your coffee? It’s morning here and I thought it best to have this up on the blog today. Ten reasons why you need coffee in your life.

While a good number of people generally take coffee in the morning, many do it without realizing that there are so many health benefits of coffee drinking, making coffee one of the best beverages there is.
Here are a number of them.

Ten Reasons Why You Need Coffee In Your Life

It lowers your risk of dying sooner
Yes people. Most of us would do anything to live longer. Turns out, making coffee drinking a habit could actually help us all with that. While it is not exactly the most common thing to have 4-5 cups of coffee in a day for most of us, studies actually show that having this much coffee could see you live longer. Apparently, taking this much coffee makes men and women have a 12% and 16% reduced risk of dying early respectively.  Taking six or more cups does not add to the benefits though but you’ll be happy to know that even just taking it moderately, one cup a day maybe, could reduce your chances of dying early by five to six percent.

Coffee can improve your general physical balance and activity
In case working out is your kind of thing, you might want to know that taking a cup of coffee half an hour before hitting the gym will improve your overall physical performance there. It breaks down body fat and makes free fatty acids behave like fuel. You can also look at it this way; it increases your adrenaline which leads to an increase in your physical activity.

It can help you fight depression
A lot of people go through a phase of depression which subsequently affects the quality of their life. It lowers quality because you can’t be genuinely happy if you suffer from depression. Studies have shown that coffee drinking could lower your chances of getting depression by 20% and reduce your chances of being suicidal by 50% so better drink up.

Ten Reasons Why You Need Coffee In Your Life

Coffee is rich in antioxidants
We all know coffee has caffeine but other than just that, it contains antioxidants that protect your body against oxidative stress, which would normally cause faster aging, serious health conditions such as cancer and heart disease, among others.

Coffee can make you smarter and improve your energy levels
Another health benefit of coffee drinking is that it can significantly increase your energy levels. It contains caffeine that generally improves the functioning of your brain. It improves your memory and also makes you react faster, thus making you sharper.

It lowers your risk of getting Alzheimer’s disease
Well, looks like it gets better and better. Alzheimer’s is a disease that brings about memory loss, which gets worse with aging. It is also the leading cause of dementia and mostly affects the elderly, often people above the age of sixty five. Drinking your cup of coffee regularly reduces your chances of getting it by 65%.

Ten Reasons Why You Need Coffee In Your Life

It can help you with weight loss journey
The caffeine in coffee actually aids in fat burning. It increases the rate at which fat burns in an obese individual by about 10% and by about 29% in a lean individual.

Coffee could lower your risk of getting type 2 diabetes

Who knew right? Lots of people today suffer from this type of diabetes but it turns out that people who regularly take coffee have a lower chance of getting it. So, by how much does it lower the risks? Well experts say by 23%-50%.

It could also reduce your chances of getting Parkinson’s disease
Parkinson’s disease is caused by the death of some neurons in your brain. The dopamine-generating neurons. So coffee lowers the risk of getting it by around 32-60%.

It can protect you from liver cirrhosis
Drinking 4-5 cups of coffee in a day could actually lower your risk of getting cirrhosis by a surprising 80%. Now, this is no excuse to become a heavy alcohol drinker but it’s good to know that coffee could protect your liver that much.

With those ten health benefits of coffee drinking, I have realized that I should also try and take coffee because, in all honesty, I have never been a coffee drinker. I just happened to have written an article for a site on best foods to take in the morning and coffee was among them so I became more interested in what else coffee could do.

I’ve always found it too strong but now we know why and I bet I could try becoming a coffee drinker. I could start with just a cup a day maybe and then add as time goes by because as I have mentioned above, even just a cup could make a difference in my overall health.

Well, you can get some great coffee makers online. A coffee maker could make a big difference in how you drink your coffee. Instead of just making yourself that instant coffee, you could consider investing in a great coffee machine to make your early morning drink better.

Ten Reasons Why You Need Coffee In Your Life

When buying, just make sure you get the best one.

Check the durability. You want something that will last long. Other things you should look out for include:

Its ability to make coffee. So this is where you look at how fast it makes the coffee, the variations in the brew strength, how easy the machine is to use.

Check how versatile it is. Some coffee makers can actually brew other beverages which is a big plus. You want one like that.

It’s also important to look at the price in relation to the machine. Is it worth your coins at all? Is it worth the price stated?

After checking for all of these, do not forget to read the customer reviews. People will always want to leave feedback in case they are happy with a product but most of all when they are upset it did not quite meet their expectations. You want to read these for sure because they will certainly help you make a decision.

I hoped you learnt a thing or two from today’s post. Those were ten reasons why you need coffee in your life. So get right to drinking coffee.
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  1. Great post Sophie, very informative hun!


  2. Thanks for sharing these benefits.

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  3. I'm one of the few people that don't drink coffee (cause I really don't like it)!^^
    Still I've found your post very interesting and informative, hun!

  4. Oh Wow I love coffee and chocolate both have very similar reasons why we should add them to our lives. Thanks babe Great post xoxo Cris


  5. Thanks for the info! I'm not really a huge coffee fan - just don't like the taste!:)



  6. such a great post dear- and the funny thing is ( even If I am not drinking coffee quite a lot) I was drinking them reading your post

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  7. I agree with you! Coffee is fundamental!
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  8. You don't have to talk me into having coffee. Lol! Thanks for sharing all these benefits.


  9. Love this post! I'll always have a love for coffee! :)

  10. Wow, I had no idea there were so many benefits to drinking coffee! Thanks for sharing :)

    Hope that you are having a good week :) We finally got a break in the heatwave last night and it was so welcome!

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  11. I need coffee to start my day. So yes to coffee!
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