Gift Ideas For The Newly Engaged Couple

Gift Ideas For The Newly Engaged Couple

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So one of your couple friends is throwing an engagement party and you’re probably already thinking about how challenging finding the perfect gift for a newly engaged couple can be. Yes, this can be quite tricky, but the no-nonsense solution to the problem of what to give the happy couple is to choose something they can use and enjoy together.

The Diamond Jewellery Studio sells Argyle pink diamond jewellery but you don’t need to spend that much on a gift for the nearly-weds. Here are some budget-friendly gift ideas that are sure to win the hearts of your newly engaged friends:


Nothing says you’re excited for the future they will share together better than a personalised engagement present. You can personalise a lot of things by having them engraved, monogrammed, or embroidered.

·         His And Hers Bathrobes

What better way to stay significant in their new life than to give them a pair of plush terry robes with their names embroidered on each. These will be perfect when the couple gets ready on their wedding day, and will still be useful in the days to come.

If robes are not within your budget, you can also opt for embroidered towels. And if you want, you can throw in monogrammed soaps as well.

·         Bride And Groom Handkerchiefs

Also something that the couple can use on their big day would be matching handkerchiefs for the waterworks. Make it extra special with the embroidered words, “bride” and “groom,” on each.

·         Mr. And Mrs. Mug

Monogrammed glassware are both adorable and sentimental. You can also make it personal by having their soon-to-be shared family name printed on the mugs along with the date they were engaged. Or simply have a nice photograph of the couple printed on the mugs.

Gift Ideas For The Newly Engaged Couple
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·         Customised Cutting Board

Another unique engagement gift is a customised cutting board that contains the couple’s names and a significant date. Not only is this a fully functional gift but it also makes for a one-of-a-kind addition to their future kitchen as husband and wife.

·         Name Doormat

To celebrate the couple’s future new home, you can give them a customised doormat that features their future last name.

·         Monogrammed Passport Case

Gaining a lot of popularity these days are monogrammed passport cases, bags, purses, and wallets. The couple may have some travels to look forward to and nothing will be more convenient than travelling with personalised passport cases and luggage tags.


It’s pretty obvious that the engaged couple will be pre-occupied with one activity for the upcoming months and that is planning their wedding. Hence, what better way to help than to give the happy couple an engagement gift that will assist them in planning and organising their wedding day.

·         Planning Binder

A wedding planning binder will definitely be of help with its checklists, calendars, and budget worksheets. Some planners also include wedding FAQs that may be of great assistance to the couple.

·         Couple's Stationary And Custom Stamp Gift Box

A lot of mail will be sent out in the process, from save the dates and invitations to thank you notes. Give them personalised stationary that they can use for these notes and a personalised stamp for their mailing address.

·         Wedding Keepsake Box

There will be a lot of wedding memorabilia. So spare them the cardboard box and gift them with an organised storage system where they can keep their physical mementos.

·         Wedding Fund Money Box

Saving up for one’s wedding is serious business, so why not give them a hand and a kick-start with a personalised wedding fund money box.

Gift Ideas For The Newly Engaged Couple

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These gift ideas will be perfect for the couple, whether it be in planning their wedding or in settling into their new home. They will surely appreciate your thoughtfulness.


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