Matching Sets, Hair Weaves And Rompers From AfricanMall

Hey guys!
So, I discovered this other website called AfricanMall that I am really loving at the moment for the items they have ranging from clothes to hair pieces and I thought I'd just write a bit on some of them so that you guys also get inspired to check them out sometime.

First of all, there's the matching sets.
How many times have I been spotted wearing a matching sets outfit? The true answer to that is actually so so so many times. I love two pieces so much that I cannot stop buying them. Can you blame me though? I thought so.

Well, here's the thing. With a matching sets outfit, you get to look very classy you know, like you put in a lot of money in buying the set or like you put in a lot of effort in coming up with an outfit, while in the real sense wearing them is so easy. You don't have to think of what you are going to wear the top with or what you are going to wear the bottom with. The whole point is to wear the top piece alongside the bottoms. so they actually have these in skirts and pants form and the choice is of course up to you.

Then there's the hair.
I talked about hair last week on one of my posts but I focused a lot on wigs. Today, I'll talk weaves more. AfricanMall has some great weave hair for all of you ladies who love a nice, classy or even a daring, risk taking protective style to give your natural hair a break. They have quite a collection of human hair bundles in different colors and textures for you to pick from. You could also choose whether you would like a curly one or if you prefer getting the straight one although as you already know with human hair, you have the gift of versatility when it comes to the styling bit so you can always stretch the curl ones you but from them at times at will or you could curl the ones that come straight also at will. There's that and the fact that the pieces are of good quality and the bundles are a great size so these would really make for some great investments so that you look great even while your actual real hair takes a much needed break and rest.

Thirdly, the rompers.
So just like a matching set, it is very easy to style a romper and in this particular case, the reason is that it is just one piece. just one and you don't really have to think of what to wear with it. Just the accessories, which is so good don't you think? AfricanMall has some great ones. Whether you are looking for a black romper, a bright one, you name it. They have it. Well in other words I am just trying to bring a point across that they actually have some great ones that will sure make one happy.

So guys, I hope you liked this post on the matching sets, hair weaves and rompers especially because Black Friday is just around the corner and I guess if not believe most of you are looking at different stores online and offline just to prepare some great wishlists that you will use when the time comes. By that I mean when Black Friday and Cyber Monday is actually here with us. I don't really know about you but I hope you've been saving up those coins and it would really be great to add AfricanMall to your list of websites or let me say Fashion Stores to visit.

Thank you so much for stopping by.
Happy shopping


  1. I love 2 piece lounge sets and wear them often. Fashionnova has good ones as well.

  2. These are really lovely dear, especially the red look.

    Jessica |

  3. The red looks cool
    It is almost weekend, what's your plan?

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  4. Looks interesting! Thanks for sharing these.
    Gemma x

  5. Love that first set - so comfortable and such a bold colour! :)

    Hope that you are having a wonderful weekend :)

    Away From Blue

  6. Fan two piece sets hun.