Why Go With A Lace Prom Dress?

Do you want to do lace this prom but not sure where to start, if you’ll pull it off, or even if it’s the right direction to go? Then keep reading this article. We will be talking about some great prom dress styles that have lace as either an embellishment or prominent focus in the dress style.

Why Go With A Lace Prom Dress?

Lace is a classically elegant choice that is timeless. It’s amazing as when you look back at photos in years to come, you wouldn’t cringe nor question your style choice, as lace as a material will always be stylish.

Another great thing is that lace homecoming and prom dresses are definitely trending right now. Not only is it a timeless classic but it’s also right on the mark set to hit 2020 with a bang! Check out some fabulous lace prom dresses available online at Peaches Boutique and at nearby stores.

Should You Choose A Lace Prom Dress?

If you’re still weighing up the pros and cons of going lace this prom, here are some stunning styles to help make up your mind. You can find these styles and designs in an array of shades, shapes and sizes so you have plenty of inspiration when you do your shopping.

          Ø  Two Piece Lace - This style of prom dress is an absolute favorite amongst girls as it has a fairytale vibe whilst still being sultry and chic. You can even get different types with beaded bodices to A-line skirts to provide the exactly style and shapes you are looking for.  

          Ø  A Lace Skirt - The prom dress can be a satin or alternative material at the top section and a lace skirt at the bottom. This works particularly well with halter necks and mermaid style dresses. These styles are naturally elegant and fitted so you can get the most of the lace.

Why Go With A Lace Prom Dress?

          Ø  Cold Shoulder Lace - This style of lace gown is another hot trend. The cold shoulder look is really popular as it shows off not too much but just the right amount of skin to look beautiful whilst on the edge of sexy. You can also choose a lace dress with either a flowy skirt or something more fitted with a slit.

          Ø  Long Sleeved Lace - For extra comfort and warmth, this style is highly practical but also looks super elegant. You can choose a dress with an interesting shade and tight sleeves to mix it up a little and turn some heads! Or, you can go in the other direction and choose bell sleeves to add a completely different look to your dress.

As you can see, there are so many different styles and inspiration in the lace prom dress arena. Whether you think you will look out of fashion or off-trend, you can see this isn’t possible when you opt for a classy lace prom dress.


  1. I wouldn't mind wearing these if it was my prom. Beautiful!


  2. Love the classic elegance of this style.

    Jessica | notjessfashion.com

  3. Just love a lace dress and these are beautiful!! How I wish it was my prom again!!

    Georgia Rose



  4. According to me, a lacy Prom dress has all the details to call it a "Prom Dress" & it's a thumbs-up for me when it is as cool as shown above.

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