What A Three Stone Engagement Ring Signifies

When you think about an engagement ring, you want it to represent a whole heap of things whilst looking beautiful. There is so much to be said about what an engagement ring means and it is a wonderful celebration of the love you and your partner share.
What A Three Stone Engagement Ring Signifies

If you’ve recently begun to look into three stone engagement rings, then you probably want to find out the meaning behind having three precious gemstones in one ring. Well, if you are looking for a ring that encapsulates your special memories in the past, your current beautiful moments shared together and all the beautiful times to come, then a three stone ring does it all.
If you’re on the lookout for a beautiful engagement ring, then try checking out not just your nearby stores but also online shops. They have a wide range of stunning three stone engagement rings.

What Does A Three Stone Engagement Ring Symbolise?

A three stone engagement ring means different things compared to your normal solitaire engagement ring. Due to the three stones coming together, it does signify the couple’s past, present and their years to come. With so much meaning packed into one ring, it’s no wonder many couples choose this as their ideal.
Commonly, you will find the bigger ring placed in the middle and the smaller rings on either side of the stones. Visually, this adds balance and looks most appealing, but may also symbolise to you both as a couple that the now is always most important.
If you are both people who love deeper meanings in things, then this type of engagement ring will really suit you.
What A Three Stone Engagement Ring Signifies

Common Styles For The Three Stone Ring

Other than deciding on the precious stones, such as picking those exquisite natural emerald gemstone for sale as centre stone, you can also make variations on the sizes of the stones. Even though the biggest ring in the middle is normally most common, there are other ways you can design or choose the ring. You can also have all the stones at equal sizes or you can have them gradually going up in size.
If they are all the same, then they will have the same carat weight too. If you want the centre stone to be the main feature, then its carat size will be higher.
Often, how it works is that the centre stone may be half a carat and the other two might be a quarter to ensure the centre diamond stands out. It largely depends on your preference and how you want to accentuate the stones.

Tell A Story And Make A Statement

The three stone engagement ring gives you a chance to make a statement in the way you want to. It can be a romantic gesture due to the symbolism but also some couples choose to have different coloured gemstones. For example, you could have a sapphire in the middle surrounded by two diamonds. It really depends on you and where you visualise the ring design going. 


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