Cleaning & Maintenance Tips For Your Jewellery

Cleaning & Maintenance Tips For Your Jewellery

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Your jewellery collection obviously has great sentimental value and every single piece requires some TLC on a regular basis, regardless of its age or value. Items we wear on a daily basis require cleaning weekly as they accumulate airborne dirt and grime especially since they are always in contact with our skin. Here are a few tips from the professionals on how best to maintain your fine jewellery.

Silver Maintenance

Silver is best cleaned using soft, 100% cotton and some well-known silver polish. Chemicals can easily tarnish silver, so do not use anything other than silver polish and clean cotton cloth, and a polish will leave your silver jewellery looking like new.

Gold Maintenance

Gold, unlike silver, does not tarnish, but is does easily pick up dirt and grime, and a soft toothbrush and warm water with a little mild detergent is perfect for keeping your gold shiny and clean. Each gold jewellery item should either be kept in a partition of your jewellery box, or in a small felt bag, and pieces should never touch each other.

Diamonds & Precious Stones

Of course, any precious stone is hard, and regarding cleaning, a damp piece of cotton, followed by a polish which will retain the stone’s sparkle. If you would like to create a diamond engagement ring from scratch, there are custom diamond jewellers Brisbane buyers trust who can create stunning pieces of jewellery to order.

Jewellery Box

Of course, every good jewellery collection demands a jewellery box, and this is something you should invest in, if you haven’t already. There are online suppliers of top-rated jewellery boxes that are inlaid with velvet, making it ideal for storing precious jewellery. There are jewellery boxes of all shapes and sizes, and if your growing collection needs extra space, buy another box, preferable a larger one than you already have.

Direct Sunlight

If you are wearing an item of jewellery on a sunny day, that’s not a problem, but don’t leave jewellery on the side, when it is exposed to direct sunlight, as this will tarnish most metals. The ideal environment is one that is dry and with a temperature that is not too high, and you should have many small, velvet bags to store each item separately. There are also a few more jewellery home cleaning solutions that you might like to try.

Wearing Valuable Jewellery

Of course, you would like to wear your valuable jewellery on occasions, and when doing so, always remain aware that you are wearing an expensive item, and it is a good idea to insure valuable jewellery, as you never know what might happen.

If you own valuable antique jewellery, rather than attempting to clean the piece, you can contact a professional jeweller, who would be able to clean any piece.

If you are looking to create unique jewellery, perhaps a diamond engagement ring, you should search online for an established custom jeweller, and when he knows your budget, he will make a few design suggestions.

Cleaning & Maintenance Tips For Your Jewellery

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Maintaining valuable jewellery is a pleasure, as you handle these fine pieces, and by following the above advice, your jewellery collection will always be in first-class condition.