How To Take Care Of Your Sunglasses

How To Take Care Of Your Sunglasses
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If you are going to invest in a quality pair of designer sunglasses, you will also want to take excellent care of them and stop them from getting scratched or damaged to protect your investment. It is easy to care for your sunglasses if you know how to, and below you can follow the suggestions to help keep your glasses in as good a condition as the day that you bought them.

Clean Them Regularly

There is a lot of dirt and grime on your face, especially when you are out in the sun and it is hot and sweaty, so you will want to clean your glasses regularly. You should keep a soft cloth in your glasses case so that you can clean the lenses when you need them.

You should give your sunglasses a thorough clean regularly as well. An easy way to clean your glasses is to use lukewarm running water, some mild detergent, and a soft microfiber cloth to dry and clean the lenses. Hold the sunglasses under the warm water and add a few drops of soap to the lens, using your thumb and forefinger to gently rub across both sides of the glasses. Rinse your glasses under the warm water, removing all of the soap, and then dry thoroughly using the microfiber cloth.

How often you clean your glasses this way depends on how much you wear them and how much you sweat. During the summer months, when you are wearing them a lot, you may wish to give your sunglasses a thorough clean at least once a week.

Use A Hard Case

How To Take Care Of Your Sunglasses
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Even the best aviator sunglasses that are polarized may get damaged if you do not taken care of correctly. It is worthwhile investing in a hard case for your sunglasses if you did not get one with them when you bought them. When you are not wearing them, always keep your sunglasses in the protective case, which will help to stop them from getting accidentally damaged or the lenses scratched.

Do Not Wear On Top Of Your Head

As mentioned previously, if you are not wearing your sunglasses, you will want to keep them in their case, preferably a hard one. It is a common sight to see people wearing them on top of their head or for them to stick in a pocket or hang from a shirt button. Doing this not only increases the amount of dirt on the lenses, meaning you will have to clean them more often, it also increases the chance of damage.

Avoid Using Breathe To Wipe A Lens

Another common sight that you see is someone breathing onto their glasses before wiping them with a cloth, or their shirt, and this is something that you should also avoid. Breathing onto the lens only smears dirt and grease on it, so you should avoid doing so and if possible use steam from a kettle instead. 

How To Take Care Of Your Sunglasses
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If you follow the advice above and any specific information given by the manufacturers of your designer sunglasses, you can help to keep them in excellent condition for a long time to come. Take excellent care of them, clean them thoroughly and regularly, and there will be no scratches or marks impairing your vision from broken or damaged glasses this summer.