Newchic Summer Sale 2020 -- Women Clothing Recommendation

Newchic Summer Sale 2020 -- Women Clothing Recommendation

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I hope you’re all well. Summer’s here and you know what that means, time to swap your clothes for new ones. I want to talk in particular about the Newchic Summer sale 2020. It’s bigger and better this year. I don’t know about you but I have shopped from Newchic before and I think it’s very exciting that this is happening. Before I go to the summer sale clothing recommendations, let me put out the dates

Time:  Pre-sale: 6th July -- 13th July
           Crazy Shopping: 13th July -- 18th July
           Thank you and Reward: 20th July -- 27th July

The big flash discount of this summer sale activity is:
1.Free Shipping Coupon
2.US$0.99 Flash Deals
3.US$9.99 Free Shipping Seckill
4.Flash Deals Up to 90% Off

By the way, they will have a NewchicLive on Facebook at 03:00am on 15th July.
Applicants can qualify for doubling the prize in the live broadcast room. Don’t hesitate to click HERE to get reminded & DOUBLE PRIZE Click HERE to get more details about Newchic Live 2020.

Well COVID-19might be around but that does not mean you can’t go out sometime to the beach or to a pool area. As long as you can maintain social distancing and are staying safe while you are at it, sunbathing and swimming sounds like a great idea to me. How about doing it in style with an animal print bikini perhaps. Animal print never really goes out of style right? So grab a swimsuit in this amazing timeless print for a nice day out under the beautiful, warm sunshine.
Newchic Summer Sale 2020 -- Women Clothing Recommendation

African print shirts are also a great way to go if you’re looking for something bold that stands out. They just give that feel of authenticity and the patterns are great for the nice warm weather. With them, you don’t have to worry too much about the accessories. Simple will do seeing that the shirts really stand out. They can also be paired with so many things from shorts to pants, you name it. Try these with a great summer straw bag and you will be good to go honey!
Newchic Summer Sale 2020 -- Women Clothing Recommendation

If you are on the thicker side, then you will appreciate a plus size African dress. It will honestly bring out your confident side while keeping you very comfortable. These dresses are nice and free, so comfortable for the hot weather and you will love that there isn’t just one print. There’s lots of them to go for.

Newchic Summer Sale 2020 -- Women Clothing Recommendation

Still on African stuff, these African print pants also come in a variety. They will also keep you nice and comfortable throughout the season while highlighting the best of you. Who doesn’t want that right?

Newchic Summer Sale 2020 -- Women Clothing Recommendation

I just love that different stores such as Newchic are now incorporating African print into their collections. It’s an amazing thing and also so inspiring. These will give you that very much-needed breath of fresh air. They will also turn heads in the right way if you ask me so get to it. Get shopping because you deserve it for making it to the summer time. 

It’s not exactly summer here in Nairobi by the way. It’s actually the coldest season of the year but I always love the idea of shopping seasons ahead. You should do that often so that you get great pieces and save too. That’s a good suggestion too don’t you think?

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