Where to Buy Bridesmaid Dresses Under $100? Learn Alfabridal

Where to Buy Bridesmaid Dresses Under $100? Learn Alfabridal

Hey guys!
Guess you'll agree with me that weddings are beautiful and well, we haven't had too many of those in 2020 because of.... you know what, but people are getting married again which is exciting.

The bride is often the focus of the wedding but her bridal party should also look their best on that big day as those ladies are her sidekicks, her fellow "flowers" right?
Where to Buy Bridesmaid Dresses Under $100? Learn Alfabridal

Well, we've faced some really tough economic times this year and while we'd like to have elaborate weddings in some cases, this might not be the most practical option. As such, budget weddings are becoming even more popular. However, just because you'll be spending less does not mean you can't have your bridesmaids looking fabulous right?

I found this website, Alfabridal, that sells some gorgeous bridesmaid dresses for under $100. What a steal right?

Where to Buy Bridesmaid Dresses Under $100? Learn Alfabridal

The dresses are available in different colors, in different designs and prints too so that you have a variety to choose from which is great don't you think?

I really love the cold shoulder dresses in the first picture. Since those dresses are long, they cover the bridesmaids up quite a bit and so the cold shoulder design allows for them to subtly show some skin especially some beautiful collarbones to balance out the length.

I also love the satin dresses but they're great if you're the bride who likes bolder things because best believe the satin can be a bit shimmery. However, satin is very classy and feminine.

The third picture oozes nothing but class.  Look at those dresses. The colors are amazing but remember, you're not only limited to that one color but can choose many more from the Alfabridal website. 

So check them out sometime.


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