Yolissa Hair: What are the latest hair trends in 2021?

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With the current situation in the world, the processing countries for lace wigs have been closed. As such it’s impossible to obtain these wigs from them and there’s a need to produce our own lace products locally. Sure the process is much slower and the manual cost is higher than ever. However, the demand for these hair extensions keeps growing with each passing day. As such, there are plenty of new products that have come up that look like lace even if they do not have lace on them, for example, headband wigs, u part wigs, machine-made wigs, and lace part wigs which contain just a bit of lace. All the above hair wigs I mentioned are new in Yolissa Hair - a professional and experienced hair company that I highly recommended, but maybe some people are not very familiar with these new hair products. Don’t worry. Here’s more about them.


Headband Wigs

A headband wig is a wig that’s made with a piece of fabric that’s quite similar to a headband. These wigs are quick and convenient, great for beginners who are seeking an amazing protective style, considering it uses no glue. All you ever need to do is throw it on and you’ll be ready for the day. It’s great especially for those days that you’re too busy or when you suddenly need to step out. They come in a variety so you can pick colors that best suit you.

Yolissa Hair: What are the latest hair trend in 2021?



U part wigs

U part wigs are an easy type of hair extension to wear. Usually, they blend perfectly with your hair and contrary to the many other lace part hair wigs, u-part wigs are half modified and come with a u-shaped opening at the top part. Thanks to that, you can use your own hair to cover its tracks. They come in different textures and can be dyed and styled in a variety of ways.


Yolissa Hair: What are the latest hair trend in 2021?

Lace part wigs

Lace part wigs, as the name suggests are wigs that have just a bit of lace that covers the hairline.

The hair is sewn onto this lace. These are great as they hide the unnatural boundary that exists between the wig and your skin, allowing you to have a whole new look. They usually come lightweight meaning they’re comfortable. Your scalp can breathe easily with the lace part. They are also easy to install and are available in several colors.

Yolissa Hair: What are the latest hair trend in 2021?

Machine-made wigs

Machine-made wigs are those made by sewing wefts a short distance away from each other. Usually, these wefts are just a few centimeters apart on an elastic wig cap that also has combs and the nape has an adjustable strap to keep it secure. They’re great for those who don’t like wig tapes or wig glues. They’re comfortable and easy to wear. They also keep your hairline well protected.

Yolissa Hair: What are the latest hair trend in 2021?


With the need for extensions growing and many more women becoming keen in protecting their natural hair, the market for these hair extensions will grow even further. More and more products will come up and the existing ones are likely to improve. With time, manufacturing costs for them will also reduce and the process will be even swifter.


Yolissa Hair as a hair shop that always keep pursuing technological progress and product innovation will continue bringing more surprises to customers, please stay tuned.



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