Newchic Black Friday Suggestions and Deals for 2020


Newchic Black Friday Suggestions and Deals for 2020

Hey guys!

Black Friday is just around the corner and I'm sure you're more than excited to shop shop shop! 

Then again, you deserve it. We all do after the kind of year we've had don't you think? Honestly, nothing matches just how great retail therapy is for the soul of a fashion lover, but you need to know what to buy right?

Here are some ideas:

1. Landscape print clothing


Newchic Black Friday Suggestions and Deals for 2020

Landscape print clothing is unique and makes you stand out. These clothes are great particularly for people who have a genuine love for their surroundings and the clothing certainly looks like a piece of art. You can pick sweatshirts, coats, tunics, or tops from Newchic depending on what you love. 

They particularly have warmer, snuggly landscape print clothing for those who are in areas experiencing winter. If it's not that cold, there's also something for you there.

2. Embroidered ankle boots

Newchic Black Friday Suggestions and Deals for 2020


If you've been reading my blog long enough then I'm pretty sure you know a little something about my immense love for embroidery. I love embroidered clothes but I also really appreciate embroidery on footwear which is why an embroidered boot does it for me. Embroidered boots elevate your outfit, especially if you're wearing plain clothes. The detail makes the boot look more stylish and well, you also get to enjoy the functionality since the boot will still keep you warm in cooler months. 

3. Ethnic jackets

Newchic Black Friday Suggestions and Deals for 2020


Sure the leathers and puffer jackets, trench coats and faux furs are common when it's colder outdoors. However, ethnic jackets are a great idea for a change. They look unique and you can definitely count on them to make a statement wherever you go. You can wear these with your little black dresses or other minimalist ones, with jeans, your leggings and skirts. When you buy these, it's advisable to wear them with plain pieces so that your outfit is not so all over the place. 

So, while you're at it, you can join Newchic affiliate program whereby you get a share of earnings from every sale on commission basis. Other than that though, the highlight of the week or even month is the Newchic Black Friday 2020deals. Sure you know what that means, there's going to be a good number of items on sale. So in case you haven't started creating and editing your wishlist, what are you doing with your time?

These deals are to die for especially in a year where finances have not been so easy to come by. Definitely worth taking advantage of. Honestly, I wait for this Black Friday week all year so imagine my excitement. I can't wait for Friday itself. 

Don't forget to check these suggestions out on Newchic and pick something, will you?

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