Attention Antique Jewellery Collectors: Forge A Relationship With An Antiques Expert


Attention Antique Jewellery Collectors: Forge A Relationship With An Antiques Expert

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If you have a passion for fine antique and vintage jewellery, your collection will no doubt grow, as you look for specific pieces to fill your jewellery box. As you already know, the world of antiques is very mysterious and it is easy to pay more than you should for a piece, which is one of the reasons you should forge a relationship with a trusted antique dealer, as the expert can appraise pieces that you are looking to acquire.


Start With Google

While there are many antique dealers, you can obtain a long list from a Google search and with some browsing, you will get a good idea of who is busy. Make a point of shortlisting dealers that are within driving range and pay each one a visit over a period of a few weeks, which should lead to a working relationship. While there are a few antique dealers that focus mainly on selling their pieces, there are some that are happy to offer free advice and some would even give you a free online evaluation.


Make Contact With A Leading Online Antique Dealer

Whether you are looking for Victorian earrings or rare vintage pocket watch dealers in Sydney or anywhere else in the world, the online antique dealer would have an extensive catalogue of fine antiques and he would have a network of other dealers. Armed with some information, he should be able to source any particular item. While the dealer would have a full catalogue, he would always be happy to appraise any piece that you were interested in. You could send the expert a few images along with some details about the piece and the dealer can give you a virtual appraisal, which might be enough to sway your decision one way or the other.


Selling Pieces

Not all antique jewellery collectors keep their acquisitions and should you ever wish to sell a piece, your local antique dealer would be happy to make you an offer. It might be that you have been left some items in a will and you would like an evaluation, something your local antique dealer would be happy to provide.


Sourcing Specific Pieces

There’s no better way to source specific antique pieces than talking to a local antique dealer and ask about the items available in their store. The antique dealer will not only have an extensive catalogue, but also a nationwide network of other antique dealers. If, for example, you have a couple of Victorian necklaces and are intrigued by that period, take a look at the stunning Victorian examples in their collection.


Increasing Your Collection

Attention Antique Jewellery Collectors: Forge A Relationship With An Antiques Expert

Image Source: Freepik 

Once you are ready to add to your growing collection, the relationship that you have cultured with a leading antique dealer will start to pay dividends. All the expert needs is a description of the piece and they would be able to find suitable items, along with prices, which should lead to success.

Most antique dealers would be happy to appraise any antique and there’s nothing wrong with approaching several dealers to make an informed decision.