How To Style Oversized Sweaters For Women

As a woman having the right wardrobe is important and rocking oversized sweaters is unique since not many people wear them. Unlike form-fitting sweaters, wholesale sweaters are incredibly comfortable and offer perfect layering no matter what you wear below them. Nevertheless, your appearance in wholesale sweaters is greatly determined by how you style them. 
But how do you style an oversized sweater for women?

Read through this article and learn about ideas to style an oversized sweater.


How To Style Oversized Sweaters For Women

Different Ways of Styling a Wholesale Sweater.

1.   Pick the right pants.

This is the number one trick if you love wearing wholesale cardigan sweaters. The sweaters will always blend with well-fitting pants. The consistent shape of your pants balances with the shapelessness of your sweater, thus adding structure to them and spicing up your appearance.

The best pants for wholesale sweaters are faux leather leggings and skinny jeans. Nevertheless, wholesale cardigan sweaters offer a distinctive look when worn with skinny jeans and ankle boots, especially if the weather is chilly.

2.           Turn your wholesale sweaters into a dress.

One of the best ways of styling wholesale cardigan sweaters is by turning them into a dress. This is mainly for long dresses. Cinch your waist with a broad belt to add shape, and pull up some of the fabric for the sweater to blouse over the belt. Finish your ensemble with over-the-knee boots. 

3.           Wear the wholesale sweater with a skirt

Wholesale cardigan sweaters pair well with skirts; this is more so if it reaches your hips. Consider wearing a sweater with a short skirt if the weather is warm. Nevertheless, a maxi skirt will be ideal for covering your legs and adding much-needed structure to your appearance if it's cold.

4.           Pick chic shoes

The choice of shoes is critical when it comes to wearing wholesale cardigan sweaters. Knee-high boots not only add structure and polish to your knitted sweater but also highlight your legs against the flowing and slouchy nature of your sweater.

Combat boots are also great for wearing with wholesale sweaters since they balance the big size of the sweater and draw the eyes down.

5.           Consider your height

You can’t ignore your height if you want to pull a unique look. Wholesale sweaters are either boxy with a short-sized fit or straight with a longer fit. Short women would look good when dressed in shorter oversized wholesale cardigan sweaters. On the other hand, tall people should wear sweaters with a long fit.

6.           Tuck the sweater

When unsure about your look, tuck the front of your oversized sweater into your pants or jeans. This way, you look not only stylish but also confident and intentional. It also helps with leg elongation, especially for short people.


Looking good is undebatable for every woman. Nevertheless, you don’t have to hire a personal stylist to look good in your wholesale sweaters. Use the above guidelines to style your wholesale cardigan sweaters and feel confident about yourself while looking distinctively good.




  1. Great tips! I like the idea of styling an oversized sweater as a dress.

  2. I love oversized sweaters! So comfy and stylish at the same time!

    Lots of love,
    Krissi of the marquise diamond