Zalor BJ Waterproof Boots: Boots For Cold Weather


Zalor BJ Waterproof Boots: Boots For Cold Weather

Hey guys!

I hope you are all doing well. So am I. I apologize for the hiatus but here I am. A lot has happened over the past month, September. this includes the fact that I also just sort of moved to France. Yeeey! Anyway, that's a story for another day. Today, I just wanted to post a little something about shoes.

With fall coming up and me being in Europe, I am honestly a little afraid of the upcoming cold season. In my mind, I cannot even picture temperatures below five degrees. I was in Spain in spring and it was still too cold for me then. One thing that helps for sure though is a good pair of shoes. A nice pair of warm ones that make you feel all cozied up. That's why brands like Zalor come in handy.

They have some bj boots that I feel will especially come in handy in winter. This is because while you need warm shoes to wear outdoors, it helps to have more than just socks to wear inside the house don't you think? The shoes look exactly like you would want them to in colder times. 

I love that these are waterproof shoes because as you can imagine with snowy, cold weather, the last thing you need is to have your feet touching water. Cold water is an enemy. I also like the look of the quality. Just by looking at it, it feels like something you definitely want to wear somewhere. It looks like it was made with some nice, thick, material which is something you can definitely appreciate because quality is everything when it comes to footwear. With the season coming in with lots of water or say moisture around, a poorly made shoe won't stand the heat, or should I say the freezing cold.

So, get on the site and shop the shoe as fast as you can. I need to too because as much as I would like to convince myself that i have what's needed already, you can't be too sure.

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