Unique Vintage Shoes from Zalor


Hey guys!

I hope you're all doing well. So am I. I am healthy, happy and enjoying that I have had a good amount of time in the past few days to post here. I've talked a lot about dresses, especially bohemian ones because of how unique they look, but today I have something else to share. So everyone, or at least those who frequently stop by my YouTube channel, knows that I am a huge shoe lover. I can almost say I am addicted to buying shoes considering how many pairs I own as I write this, but you know I have a reason for that. The thing with shoes is that they never betray you. Whether you add weight, lose weight, you can absolutely count on a good pair because your size will always be your size. Well, vintage shoes are my topic for today.

I really love vintage stuff  because not only do they look amazing, they are unique and often of good quality. This applies to shoes too and in a world or let me say in this day age where there are so many dupes, your best bet to uniqueness might just be in selecting a vintage shoe to cover you in the coming spring, summer days. Zalor has some amazing ones and by the way, they don't have to be dull-looking. If you're one to wear colorful leather shoes then the vintage shoes on their site would be perfect for you. You can  style them with plain dresses, your jeans, shorts, skirts and so on. 

I love it when I can get a colorful shoe to wear with an otherwise boring look like say an all black or an all white. Such vintage shoes make you look like a 10 without you putting in too much effort. I for one would love the ones in these pictures because they are simply pretty and needless to say, unique.  Their colors are so easy on the ye and just scream spring ready.

So, as I head over to their site to check out some more, I hope this post inspires you to do the same. Happy shopping and thank me later.




  1. Your love for shoes is evident, and it's true that a great pair can be a steadfast companion through life's changes. Vintage shoes have a charm and character all their own, don't they? There's something special about the craftsmanship and style of shoes from bygone eras that adds a unique flair to any outfit.