Crochet Dress Plus My February Hair

Hello,hope your February's going great..Glad I finally get to "debut" my February hair today.I got it done last weekend and frankly I feel so proud of myself for having such hair.Reason,it's the boldest I've ever gone with my hair.It may not be that bold to others but to me it is because sure I usually have my hair either black or maroon but it's always very laid back and up till last week I was afraid of short weaves,always thinking they'd make me look like someone's mum plus
I've never had my hair this curly before.

At some point last year orange and pink was such a huge trend,one that I never really got to try out,so when I got this beautiful,white dress with crochet detail at the front area,I thought it would be great to accessorize it with orange and pink.

It worked so well.Orange jewellery and a bag with the colours pink,orange and a touch of brown.I wore stockings and flats because I'd worn this outfit for a nice little walk in the suburbs,where I got to appreciate God's wonderful work of creating so much beauty.

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Outfit Details
Dress-West Market
Neck piece-Tom Mboya Street Nairobi

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  1. Hi Sophie! I just came across your blog and I recognize you from way back in Primary school {Eldoret Preparatory}... I love your new hair and today's look. I have to mention that your blog is nothing short of amazing, I wish I had enough time on my hands to go through all your posts!!! Keep up the good work! You are a great inspiration :-)

    1. Gosh !!Hey!! I remember you too Yvonne haha thanks alot for stopping by I'm about to look at your work too.Thanks for bringing back memories of the good ol' days