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Hey guys!!
So this definitely is something I should have done when the month began but March has really been a hustle but in a good way. In short, I didn't get the time to put up this February recap and because it was just sitting in my drafts I thought why not share it already.

For my first look I thought incorporating some red into my first outfit of the month of love would be in order.
This Gingham top is easily one of my favorite tops because of its colors and the fact that it is a self tie top and I thought just to make the look stand out I'd just pair it with a black pair of pants and some very high boots. The drew copy bag went great with it.

Still wore red for my second one. I actually had to give this dress away sadly immediately after my shoot despite loving it so much. Reason, it doesn't stretch and it felt too tight around my bust. I value comfort so I blessed someone else with it lol.

This was an outfit that I felt would be great for a daytime look , me out with my girls. I have completely fallen in love with kimonos and it was my time to rock my pajama trend style one.

I think this long plaid shirt is one of my favorite pieces because of the color, the cut.Goodness I can't get enough of the front slit. I love the fact that I can layer it over a pants outfit or just a dress.

I actually posted this fun look on Valentines . I am really not one to wear red on Valentines. I actually wasn't but I had these outfit pictures and the colors just reminded me of the day. Loved that there was no screaming red . The wine red worked. The bag and boots still get me excited by the way.

For a girl who loves skater dresses, I was so happy I got my hands on this one because it was a color so different from what I am used to and then it came looking that perfect. By this I mean, it fit every part of me including my waist, something that rarely happens.

This jumpsuit is pretty much one of my favorites. Brings out the Wakanda in me lol. Anyway , this one made me love African print more. It was really just an easy look to put together and I love that all I needed to do was put on a pair of strapy heels and some earrings to have a complete outfit that works.

This look actually made it to the local paper lol. The Instaslayer of the week in the following month.That is March , just last week. Imagine what a pleasant thing that was. I will share the picture in another post for sure but meanwhile, I thought this look was so comfortable and simple since it involved just a fancy top, some jeans and studded flats.
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I went on a leather craze, if I may say so, last month. Bought leather jackets in almost every color and this particular jacket remains my absolute favorite.The embroidery is so beautiful and I really lov ed the fit as well. Pairing it with the studded boots and this back pack made the biker look even better.

So once again guys, I really apologize for not doing this post sooner but then better late than never right?Remember to follow me on my handles all here.

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  1. Lovely recap! I love your floral leather jacket, it's really chic! Xx


  2. Great roundup! Loved your looks this month.

    Gemma x

  3. Excellent outfits, dear! :)


  4. These vibrant pieces look fab on you babe! Loving it for spring :)

    XO, Jessi

  5. You look beautiful with all the outfits

  6. I think my favorite is the first look. It's so cute for a summer picnic!



  7. The first look is my Fav!

  8. First look is wonderful!
    Great photos.