11 Amazing YouTube Channels By Kenyans That You Should Watch

Hey guys!!

I spend a lot of time on YouTube during my lunch breaks, on my way home, when I get to the house and pretty much every free time I get.

Almost safe to say YouTube is the best thing that happened to me because uuuh, who needs movies right?All we need is WiFi because we always have ready content just waiting for us to watch.

I watch a lot of international YouTube channels for fashion inspiration but honestly, I enjoy watching our Kenyan YouTubers even more.Reason, I can relate to most of what they talk about and the places they go to and two, I just think Kenyans have really grown in terms of creating content, so I thought you guys might enjoy checking out some of my favorite Kenyan YouTube channels.

1. Over 25 Channel
11 Amazing YouTube Channels By Kenyans That You Should Watch

Hi guys!Welcome to our chanoooool!! 

The intro that is music to my ears people.

Music I tell .First of all, that intro usually comes harmonized lol but mostly, it always means time for another amazing YouTube episode.

These group of four gorgeous ladies have been giving us some amazing content on the tube.I remember seeing their videos recommended and just ignoring them some time back.
Big mistake.

Gladly though, I clicked once and there I was , laughing and getting some real calling a spade a spade life lessons.They are beautiful, hilarious and very smart.Best part is they've been friends like forever, so the chemistry is nothing short of bomb and we the viewers enjoy it.

Just that first episode I watched on a Sunday afternoon got me binge watching for the rest of the day and nowadays I just spend a lot of time watching their content.
Doesn't matter which part of the world you are from, these ladies totally deserve your views.Trust me.

2. East Meets West

11 Amazing YouTube Channels By Kenyans That You Should Watch

First of all if any of y'all know Bobby Junior tell him I said whats up lol!!

Bobby is the guy with the dreads in between the two ladies at the front, that made me fall in love with this YouTube channel.

I love the entire concept of it which I think he came up with.It's basically about people from different walks of life, what Nairobians like us refer to as guys from Eastlands, the not so bougie and guys from the very bougie upscale Westlands side.

They speak about different topics from their different perspectives which are in a way influenced by their upbringing, something you'd love to watch because even if you are not Kenyan or Nairobian you can enjoy the stories and relate to some of them. 

They remind me of my childhood from the games we would play, to my campus experiences.I just love it.

That said, someone should definitely give this Bobby guy a TV show already.His concept was genius and he certainly knows how to put together a fun team to back him up because they are all so lit so...Just saying:-)

3.The Green Calabash
11 Amazing YouTube Channels By Kenyans That You Should Watch
You guys, this is just the cutest little family.

I'm not even a mum and don't think I will be any time soon ,but I really enjoy their vlogs.

This YouTube channel revolves around a couple Ramah and Shiko who are raising their two little ones, a girl and a baby boy who I must say is very smart for his age.

They let us into the world of having a young family that is balancing between parenting and fun with the kids and then working to provide for them.

I love the realness and wow, it is after watching Lamu's (their son) birth story that I fully understood what it's like to bring a child into this world and why so much love for your child.

4. Alpha Beta Channel
11 Amazing YouTube Channels By Kenyans That You Should Watch

First of all, let me start by saying they are now four and not three because they have a newborn baby boy.

Another family that has my heart.

Frankie and Maaureen run this particular YouTube channel and what I enjoy watching the most is their love for each other.

How they still do so many of the things people always seem to stop doing when they have children is amazing and even gives me hope for the future.

They have a unique relationship at least from my own perspective and for such a macho man, how nicely he treats his wife always gives me a reason to go awww. Kinda like The Rock feeding his wife while she breastfed their newborn.

They also give tips on how they have both manage to stay successful in their individual careers and I find their tips very helpful.

5. Nancy Mwai's Channel
11 Amazing YouTube Channels By Kenyans That You Should Watch
I don't think there's a single fashion blogger who does not know Nancy.

Before I started my own blog, I used to read hers which was at the time called The Fashion Notebook.Loved it.

She disappeared for a while from the blogging world and came back with a bang in the form of an amazing YouTube channel and honestly, I don't think there's a single Kenyan YouTuber who matches her editing skills.

There she shares with us vlogs on how she spends her days.I love watching how she and her girlfriends catch up on their girlfriend diaries series, her work outs, purchases, hauls and style tips.

Did I mention that I have an exact same shirt as the one she's wearing  lol, I did a post on it titled lips on a blouse lol. Just a by the way.

6. Miss Mandi (The throwdown queen)
11 Amazing YouTube Channels By Kenyans That You Should Watch
We can't talk about Nancy and fail to talk about her Besty Mandi Sarro.

I am definitely always here for the Throwdown Queen that is Miss Mandi. I love that she is such a great cook even though I know i might never be able to make such food and knowing my taste buds (I am not too experimental with my food), I probably wouldn't eat most of them but honestly, if you are the foodie, you will love her recipes.

Other than her cooking, she also vlogs about her job radio hosting, her escapades with her girlfriends Sheila and Nancy and their fabulous lifestyle that is simply goals. Now that, is what I love watching.

I love her accent too and the fact that she is very free spirited.

7. Miss Trudy's Channel
11 Amazing YouTube Channels By Kenyans That You Should Watch
First time I watched Miss Trudy, I laughed so hard. 

I found her so funny and I'm sure she didn't mean to be but interestingly, I found myself watching more and more of her content and I've watched her grow in terms of subscribers.

She posts very regularly by the way and she's one person I can always count on because she's always upto something.I like to watch that something.She has some very unique content up on her channel.

Also, she vlogs from anywhere and everywhere.I don't know about your countries but in Kenya, talking to a camera as you walk is among the most daunting things you can do because people look at you like you are crazy on the streets.

You can watch her trips, restaurant reviews and even hauls.She gets better and better.

8. Joanna Kinuthia
11 Amazing YouTube Channels By Kenyans That You Should Watch
Joanna, Joanna,Joanna.Such a sweet and happy girl this one.

This  is one Youtuber with a channel that I fell in love with after watching just one of her vlogs with her friends, and continued to binge watch.

Joanna runs a beauty YouTube channel but also posts vlogs and hair tutorials and most recently, she started doing hauls,yeeey!I love hauls and try ons because I am mostly a fashion girl and I know very little about make-up.

So she quit her job to follow her dream and we can say it was the best decision ever because she gets better and better and it's really amazing to watch a young girl live her dream.

In my head, she's the nicest person.

9. Wabosha Maxine
11 Amazing YouTube Channels By Kenyans That You Should Watch

Oh yeah, we also can't talk about Joanna without talking about Maxine Wabosha.

Another very adorable one on YouTube with a channel that's mostly about makeup but, because again, I am not exactly a makeup girl, I love her other vlogs more. 

I love that other than being such a pretty face, she uses her platform to give back as well.She recently had guys donate to a children's home in Nairobi and had her fellow YouTube friends join her for a fun day with the kids and that alone speaks a tonne.

She is an engineering student , would you believe it? 

How she manages to balance school, her channel and the many meetings and events she has to go to every once in a while is just amazing.

10. Sincerely Didi
11 Amazing YouTube Channels By Kenyans That You Should Watch
This is another channel I love by Treasa Mbeka. I just came across it during one of my lunch breaks and ended up loving it.

She mostly vlogs but I love that she also blogs.

I love how happy she always is, her hangouts with her friends and the fact that somehow, her videos always give me suggestions on where to go and for what lol.

I love that one's personality just always influences whether or not we'll watch and that if the YouTuber is so nice and lively, it could make your day too.

That said, I think she has a great personality considering she encourages us to stay positive and look beyond life's difficulties.

She looks like she enjoys blogging as much as I do so I must admit I have thought of doing a collaboration with her for a blog post or a number of blog posts because I love how simple and fun her style is starting from the hair so...I might just approach her for it.

11. NRG/ Elodie Zone/Charlie's Channel 
(Here's a bonus because I can't narrow my list down to 10 lol)
11 Amazing YouTube Channels By Kenyans That You Should Watch

I don't know how to call this duo.They both have their individual channels but I love them both more together.

Elodie Zone has been on the tube for a while and Charlie some time, but they were both hired by NRG radio here in Kenya to host a show together and their chemistry is amazing.

So, on the radio station's YouTube channel,they post some very hilarious content and I am always looking forward to their posts.

So, I did try doing YouTube a while back and I only have four videos up because I must admit, it is harrrrd. Wasn't for me lol.I had ideas for content, just not much time to execute them.So I stick to blogging for now.

Filming, editing and coming up with new content is not easy so I definitely applaud these guys for the amazing job that they do.

Be sure to watch these guys on YouTube whenever you get a chance to. Doesn't matter if you are Kenyan or not, their content appeals to everyone which is why they are my favorites.

Also, I will be doing more of such blog articles because I realized guys love them.

Thanks for stopping by


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  10. This is so fun! I also enjoyed youtubers from my old country Philippines where I grew up because I can relate with them. Nice to see Kenyan youtubers that you like and are doing well in their craft.


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