How I Manage To Stay Confident,Tips To Boost Your Self Confidence

How I Manage To Stay Confident,Tips To Boost Your Self Confidence
How I Manage To Stay Confident,Tips To Boost Your Self Confidence

Confidence is an amazing thing. Perhaps the most amazing gift a girl or any other person can have for the simple reason that it can take you places.

While for some, confidence is naturally always there, some people need a little boost every now and then and well, this boost often works. I never really have any problems when it comes to confidence. Mine is always up but I also do some things to boost it even more and I just thought I'd share this. Such posts, from what I gather are indeed helpful. So how do I manage to stay confident? Here are some tips to boost your own self confidence
How I Manage To Stay Confident,Tips To Boost Your Self Confidence
How I Manage To Stay Confident,Tips To Boost Your Self Confidence
How I Manage To Stay Confident,Tips To Boost Your Self Confidence

Dress well
First of all, life is too short for boring clothes, for ugly clothes as well. So how about you dress well. Find clothes that fit you well.Find colors suitable for your skin tone. Dress your age. Coordinate the colors properly. If you have to color block, make sure you do it right. When you are comfortable in how you are dressed, you will by no means fear any attention coming your way because even you will be fine with how you are dressed and that's what we want because it will help boost your confidence.

Accept and love yourself
So you walk into a room full of rich people and you are not, or you walk into a room full of the most learned people and you are not at per with them, or into a room of skinny people and you are bigger or in a room of bigger people and you are the skinniest, what do you do? Instead of feeling little or hiding in the corner, just remember you are how God wants you to be at that precise moment. Just because you are not at their level (as it may seem) does not mean you are badly off. It just means you are on your own level. So accept that and never compare yourself to others. Remember even the sun and the moon shine at their own time in their own different ways.

Always be prepared
Whether you are going for an interview or going to give a speech, whether you are a bridesmaid who fears being in front of people, you name it the scout's motto stands. Be prepared. If I were to get a dollar for everytime I've had to give a speech in my life I would be very rich by now but meanwhile, I'm just going to stay happy with what I have lol. So here's the thing, I always keep in mind what to say in any event or situation. I look at people's moods, the kind of people and the kind of gathering then apply relevantly and I am so used to it now but if you are not, how about when you are told in advance that you will need to face a person or address a group you rehearse. Prepare some notes and questions. Practice in front of the mirror and answer or talk exactly how you are going to talk to them.
It will make you feel less nervous and certainly more confident.

Think positive
I can't emphasize this enough. Do you know that often times when you feel nervous or even scared , it's because you are thinking of what could possibly go wrong? What if I fall, what if I forget the words, what if they don't like me, what if bla bla bla, but hey, what if they actually like you? How come you don't think of that? Fear is very powerful. To me it's as powerful as faith and the two are opposites. So how about you have a bit of faith in yourself. Think positive because people will always judge you for how positive you appear and give you what you deserve. Positivity gives you a confidence boost.
How I Manage To Stay Confident,Tips To Boost Your Self Confidence
How I Manage To Stay Confident,Tips To Boost Your Self Confidence

Get to learn more about yourself
We invest so much in spending time with our friends, our kids, our families but most people will rarely take the time to get to learn more about themselves. I have always believed that we have all been immensely blessed in different ways and sometimes we have plenty of hidden talents or even fears. Knowing yourself means you get to learn the things that work for you and those that do not work for you.Once you know that, you will be confident in certain situations and learn to manouvre through the ones that do not exactly keep you happy.

Stay away from negative energy
Last thing you ever need in life is people who will always remind you of your failures, of your imperfections and people who also just generally do not believe in you. Negative energy is like the devil. It just gets in the way of your success sometimes even without you realizing it and for that reason, you should stay away from it. Often times, negative people are like that because of their past or their own insecurities and will always try and make you see things from their own perspective. Just remember, there is a big difference between a realistic person and a pessimist. Stay woke because this is the only way you will rise above whatever they try to feed you.

Live by your principles
Always do what you know is right and despite temptation that we human beings are prone to falling into, avoid doing what you know is wrong. The thing is, when you do something that you know is wrong, you become paranoid, full of regrets. Principles give you direction in life.You should have your own and not live by other people's. This direction gives you confidence.
How I Manage To Stay Confident,Tips To Boost Your Self Confidence

Trust the process
Sometimes you start working on something or looking for something for example a job and nothing seems to be working.Hey, do not give up. As long as you know you are following the right channels, you will be fine. Understand that the process is different for every single individual and your time will come. I always keep this in mind because sometimes, God has a bigger plan but in his own perfect timing.

Learn to forgive yourself
We all make mistakes you all. Even the best of us. Realizing this will often help you move on. Do not dwell on your mistakes as this will just leave you feeling depressed and unworthy. Regardless of how bad you failed love yourself enough to accept that what's happened has happened and you need to learn to accept the things you can't change and accept the strength you have within you to rise above it. This will see you stay confident.

Keep your good friends close
I honestly really value friendship. My friends in this particular context will always tell me when I am doing something wrong, give me advise in case I need it and even when I do not but most of all, they will always applaud you for what you did right. They will also come with you when you need to see that one face of support in a crowd, and in many other instances. Just the fact that I know I am not alone boosts my confident. Family is important but sometimes you feel like they will support you just because they are your family and all. You are blood bound but friendship is different because you choose your friends.

This is the most powerful one. Praying will always make you feel like someone is holding your hand through whatever situation you are in an this is enough to boost your self confidence. It helps you stay confident precisely because it makes you aware that someone is really holding your hand throughout whatever you are doing.It helps me a lot by the way because I always believe that greater is the one within me that holds my hand.

I'm not the wisest person and I learn new things everyday but these really work for me and I hope that these tips help boost your own self confidence as well.

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