How To Dress For A Wedding Ceremony And Reception

How To Dress For A Wedding Ceremony And Reception
How To Dress For A Wedding Ceremony And Reception

Hey guys!
If you are among the few subscribers on my YouTube channel, you have probably watched the video in which I attended a friend's wedding. A very lit wedding if you ask me. You've probably also watched the one in which I was struggling to decide what would make for my wedding guest attire. Well, I thought I'd share my two cents on how to dress for a wedding ceremony and reception.

How To Dress For A Wedding Ceremony And Reception
How To Dress For A Wedding Ceremony And Reception
Before I even get there, I'd like to apologize for the hiatus. I was held up so much this past week that I could barely get any free time.That said, here we go.
So how do you dress for a wedding ceremony and reception?

Consider the weather
My biggest worry when it came to wedding guest attire was the fact that we were having very bad weather in Nairobi. Guys, it would literally pour everyday and while in other countries that have four seasons whereby people are usually even prepared for winter weddings, we don't have that. Most weddings happen around the time this one did, back in December and the sun is usually out but for some reason, that was not the case.

So what I did, was hope for the sunshine and I set aside a dress I would wear just in case the sun would generously come out.

I also put aside a twinset that was wedding appropriate just in case the weather wasn't so good on that day, obviously because the twinset was warmer.

Luckily, the sun came out and I went for a nice sleeveless dress.

Consider your body size
By then, I'd actually lost a lot of weight so my initial dress choice was a bit lose, which is what drove me to this one. Loved this fit instead.

Consider the wedding location
Is it going to be in church, by the beach, at the AG's chambers, city hall? Where?
This was a church wedding in an actual church and the reception was going to be at a garden, so outdoors. I picked this maxi because it was decent enough for a church setting, but because it's chiffon and the inner lining is shorter, it would work great at the garden reception.

How To Dress For A Wedding Ceremony And Reception

Keep comfort first
I knew from the get go that I was going to do quite a good amount of dancing, as you watched from the video so I went for a maxi that would allow me to move without my having to hold my dress.

Careful with your colors
White is just for the bride remember. I also shy away from wearing total black or a screaming red to a wedding. So I went for a dress that might have been mostly black, but it had a beautiful pattern at the top. I also did not want to match the bridesmaids lol. I was there as a guest.

Also, that said, if the bride gives her guests a dresscode, please make sure you follow it out of respect. We didn't have that but some people do.

Anyway, this is what I wore.
I ended up with this dress I bought from NewChic back in 2016.It hasbeautiful Egyptian style print and in great color too. I decided to just go for the full Egyptian vibe by adding this headpiece I got from Zaful some time back and it actually worked. Picking wedding guest attire is not easy, but this worked.

I am so glad I changed my mind from my initial choice because this was great, at least for me.
How To Dress For A Wedding Ceremony And Reception
How To Dress For A Wedding Ceremony And Reception

Here's the video with all the dancing action in case you never got to watch it. If you didn't, you will enjoy I'm sure. I don't have too many tips just because I haven't attended too many but I hope this gave an idea of how to dress for a wedding ceremony and reception.

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  1. Such a beautiful dress!
    xo, Jane

  2. You look absolutely amazing Babe. I love your look here. Stay fabulous!
    Have a great week ahead!
    Much love, Len

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    Amazing outfit and hairstyling, hun, you really look fab!

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    xx Jenifer

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