Cold Weather Solutions For Dressy Gowns

Cold Weather Solutions For Dressy Gowns

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Many women have made the mistake of overlooking the weather when getting ready for a glitzy formal occasion and with biting cold wind, a girl can be in trouble if she has to brave the elements, even for a few minutes. If you are planning to attend a formal event in the near future, make sure you take the weather into account, and with that in mind, here are a few tips to ensure that you are covered in that respect. 

ü  Pick Heavy Fabrics - This is perhaps the best piece of advice for the girl who's planning to attend an evening formal occasion outside of the summer. Velvets and jerseys are favourites for formal winter gowns and by searching the online boutique, you are certain to find something that works for you. Wool is an excellent choice, of course, and there are many wool outfits for sale when you search online.

ü  Long Sleeves - Almost all fabrics act as a blanket when placed against the skin, and wearing a long-sleeve gown will certainly help to retain essential body heat. You could search online for winter formal ball dresses from a designer dress boutique, who would have a wide range of styles from top designers.

ü  Don’t Forget Lining - Always choose a gown with a good lining, as this invisible layer of body insulation will make all the difference. If you have a summery gown that isn’t lined, why not have a seamstress line it for you? This would allow you to wear the dress all year round and it wouldn’t be an expensive exercise.

ü  Longer Dress Lengths - Of course, the winter months are ideal for longer dresses for obvious reasons, and if you haven’t considered a full-length gown, check out the amazing dresses at online boutiques, where they represent top designers like Jovani and Sherri Hill. Long is classical, elegant and does not look out of place at any event, and with chiffon or even wool, you will be fine in almost any weather.

ü  Think Layering - If you wear a body-hugging undergarment, this will give your torso extra insulation, and let’s not forget you can wear a shawl, which come in many styles. Your mid-section is the area that loses most heat, so wearing an undergarment will really help you to retain your body heat.

ü  Don’t Forget Footwear - Those dainty high heels might be fine in the summer, but in cold weather, your feet will literally freeze! There are many styles that would be suitable for cold weather, and a Google image search would certainly give you some ideas.

Cold Weather Solutions For Dressy Gowns

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The above are just a few ideas on how to keep warm when dressing up, which is important if you want to really enjoy the experience. With a little forethought and some online shopping, you can be ready for any formal cold-weather event and look good too! The trick is to be warm, while still looking your best. With a little imagination and creativity, you can come up with some unique ways to keep out the cold.


  1. I agree, dressing up in formal gown is the hardest during winter as most of the lacy fabric is not enough.

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  3. Layers and wearing the right footwear can make a huge difference indeed.

    Jessica |

  4. Layers are key, very difficult to wear formal gowns during winter.


  5. good tips to keep warm.
    Due to the pandemic, most parties were canceled or postpone.
    Now we are going to hot summer party, we need short party dresses now.